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Tennessee Tractor Water Well Solutions, LLC offers experienced and diversified drilling services throughout the greater Tennessee area. Water Well Solutions, LLC specializes in water well drilling operations; with experience in well construction, well maintenance and design of wells from 4” to 16” in diameter and depths up to 1000 feet. We have the capabilities necessary to drill in unconsolidated and consolidated formations.

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Franklin Electric Constant Pressure Systems

"Let Us Handle The Pressure"

Franklin Electric’s SubDrive and MonoDrive constant pressure controllers provide constant pressure by continually adjusting the speed of the pump to match water demand. Instead of draining and filling a large tank, a SubDrive system pumps more or less water as you need it. Finally, you’ll be able to run the dishwasher, do laundry, and water the lawn - all at the same time!

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What is Constant Pressure?

One of the recent product success stories in the water systems industry has been the emergence of variable-speed, constant pressure products. Besides eliminating the pressure cycling associated with conventional systems, these products offer a wide range of other benefits, such as: consistent spray patterns for lawn sprinklers faster cycling for appliances more efficient water treatment built-in pump protection.

Franklin Electric’s variable-speed, constant pressure products are called SubDrive and MonoDrive. Both work the same way. That is, they use a variable frequency drive (VFD) to continuously adjust the speed of the pump and motor to maintain a constant, steady pressure. Both also use single-phase incoming power. The difference between SubDrive and MonoDrive is that SubDrive uses a 3-phase motor and MonoDrive uses a 3-wire single-phase motor. This makes MonoDrive perfect for retrofitting existing 3-wire, single-phase installations. This enables water systems professionals to retrofit a top-of-the-line, constant pressure system into an existing installation – without pulling the pump.

Water Well Solutions, LLC has successfully completed projects serving as Prime Contractor as well as Sub-Contractor. Our experience includes completing projects ranging in cost from $25,000.00 to $1 Million. All projects were completed without indication of complication. Water Well Solutions, LLC is licensed for drilling in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi. Water Well Solutions is pleased to announce the purchase of Garner Houston Well Company that has served West TN since 1978. We will continue to serve past customers as well as future residential, commercial and irrigation customers. Water Well Solutions has two locations. Our Somerville store will be located in the building next to Tennessee Tractor, formerly Dandridge Equipment, and in the Tennessee Tractor Irrigation Division building in Brownsville, TN.

Benefits of Constant Water Pressure

  • Wide range of settings (25 to 80 psi) 
  • Single-phase input power
  • FE Connect Smartphone app for advanced settings and monitoring
  • User-Configurable motor frequency range
  • Easy installation
  • Soft-start feature prevents water hammer and increases motor life
  • Works with small pressure tanks or existing larger tanks
  • Advanced filtering to remove radio frequency interference
  • UL and cUL listed
  • Built-in diagnostics and protection


  • Fits alongside the submersible piping in nearly all 4" and larger wells
  • Around one fifth the pumping effort needed by seemingly comparable pumps
  • Gives you full use of all your taps and fixtures
  • Can pump into your pressure tank or uphill --- even from deep wells
  • Affordable Made with computer controlled machining from aerospace grade lead-free stainless steel and aluminum
  • Easy to Install
  • Freeze-Proof
  • Can hold the column of water for months
  • Reliable
  • Durable, 50-year lifespan
  • All components are "Safe Drinking Water Act" compliant
  • Pump can be easily hidden
  • Add-on motor option
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