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Tractor Packages for Sale in Tennessee

Your land, your tractor, your package. At Tennessee Tractor, you have the freedom to create your own custom tractor package with as many implements and attachments as you want. We believe you know your property best, so why should we guess what you need when you can pick out what will be most beneficial to you. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t here to help. Check out our guide on tractors, attachments, and implements we have for you to choose from. Once you’ve made your selections, let us know and we will package them together for one affordable price.

Creating Your Custom Tractor Package

1. Pick A Tractor

The first step in creating your custom tractor package is choosing the tractor model you want. We carry all four of John Deere’s Compact Tractor Series so you have 22 models to choose from. Each of the series is designed to offer you a different level of working capabilities.

1 Series

The series for keeping your lawn looking sharp. These are the smallest compact tractors we offer. They are great for mowing your lawn and maintaining your flower beds.

2 Series

The series for taking your lawn to the next level. The tractors are slightly larger and offer you more power than the 1 Series tractors. They are also great for mowing but are capable of taking on large jobs like hauling dirt, maintaining your driveway, and tilling a garden.

3 Series

The series for small farms. A step up in size and power from the 2 Series tractors. These tractors are great to use for hauling wood, pulling heavy loads, and knocking out chores of all sizes.

4 Series

The series for farmers and ranchers. The most powerful ones of the bunch, the tractors can take on any task you need, whether it’s meaning fences, putting out feed, or clearing heavy brush. Best of all, while they are packed with power, they are still compact enough to fit inside small buildings and tight trails.

2. Pick Your Implements

With hundreds of implements available, it can be a little overwhelming trying to choose which one would be the most beneficial. But lucky for you, you don’t have to choose just one. You can pick out as many as seem fit for your operation. Below are some of our most popular implements:

3. Pick You Attachments

There are numerous attachment options for you to choose from. Each is designed to improve the tractor’s working capability as well as your comfort. While you aren’t required to add any attachments they can greatly boost your overall experience.

Why Shop Tennessee Tractor?

When you shop at Tennessee Tractor, your needs always come first. You don’t have to worry about our team trying to push you into buying products you really don’t need. By working with us, you get a team of equipment experts to not only help you through the purchase process but through any maintenance and services the equipment will need.

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