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Tennessee Tractor Packages: The Best Way to Save

The value of a dollar is different wherever you go. Fortunately, at Tennessee Tractor, the value of your dollar can go a long way when you spend it on one of our tractor packages! Buying a tractor package compared to buying a tractor and implements separately will earn you big savings and value so you can get the most from your money. Pair the tractor you need with as many implements as you like and leave the lot ready to work with extra money in your wallet.

Financing Available

At Tennessee Tractor you can pay it your way, whether it's in cash or a payment plan. We offer financing options with low monthly payments and APR as low as 0%. Contact your local dealer and we can come up with a plan that is best for you.

Options - Build Your Own

Put your money exactly where you want it. Tennesse Tractor offers plenty of options for you to choose a tractor package that will best serve the needs of your land. We also offer a Build Your Own Tractor package that allows you to choose from several equipment options and as many implements as you see fit. Your choices are not limited to tractors. You can also build a package with compact construction equipment, lawn equipment, or a Gator UTV.

Pre-Built Packages

Champion Package

  • John Deere 3025E
  • 300E Front-End Loader
  • RC2060 5ft Rotary Cutter 
  • 18ft O'Neal trailer w/2ft Dove.

Dirt Mover Package

  • John Deere 5075E
  • 520M Front-End Loader
  • 485 Backhoe

If you want to save money on new equipment, stop by your local Tennessee Tractor and ask about our tractor packages. To get a quote on our pre-built tractor packages click here. To get a quote on our Build Your Own package click here.