Precision Farming Equipment in Trenton, TN


Precision Farming Equipment in Trenton, TN

Precision Farming Equipment offers guidance solutions for every season, boosting both efficiency and accuracy in your operation. Tennessee Tractor offers a wide variety of precision equipment so you can get a system tailored to fit both your budget and your operation. From entry-level units for smaller operations to top-of-the-range applications for larger farms, we’ve got you covered. If you run an operation in Trenton, TN, keep reading to learn more about what we offer at Tennessee Tractor and how precision farming can give you a major advantage out in the field.


Man using his Operations Center Display Screen

Starting out with the basics, it’s important to choose a display, a receiver, and the level of accuracy that will best fit your operation. The 4640 Universal Display offers an improved operating experience for older John Deere tractors and mixed fleets. It also offers improved data capture and collection capabilities, increasing the precision of your operation. The GreenStar 3 2630 is also packed with enough power and features to deliver years of productivity, while also having the ability to increase profitability with documentation and information management. 

The StarFire 6000 Receiver allows you to choose the accuracy you need out on your land. Try this StarFire 6000 with SF1 accuracy.

Photo of a John Deere StarFire Receiver mounted on tractor

Precision Farming Equipment allows you to take your operation to the next level. Applications like JDLink, Yield Documentation, and Operations Center help with data management while systems like AutoTrac Controller help with maximizing input. Whether you are looking to field prep, plant, apply, or harvest, these systems will increase productivity year-round.

Be sure to save your time, fuel, and input costs by investing in John Deere’s guidance systems. The options may seem overwhelming, but our experienced staff is ready to help you figure it all out! Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you find a solution that will best fit your operation.