Precision Farming Equipment in Martin, TN


Precision Farming Equipment in Martin, TN

As the first to introduce GPS guidance into the farming world, John Deere continues to pave the way for innovation in the fields. Whether you’re new to precision farming or you are looking to add on to your fleet’s technology here in Martin, TN, keep reading to learn how you can optimize your operation.
John Deere Precision Ag

What is Precision Farming?

Precision farming works to improve accuracy, reduce costs, and increase crop yields through the controlled use of data and technology. Because farming is very land and labor-intensive, precision farming equipment is able to ease the burden of operators and allow for more informed decision-making. 

While some remain averse to implementing new-age technology into a legacy of tradition, the rush to take on this competitive edge is quickly becoming the new norm. A recent study by Hexa Reports suggests precision agriculture is set to grow to $43.4 billion by 2025. By working smarter rather than harder, these solutions are able to see big changes year-round while putting fewer restraints on operators.


What can I do with Precision Farming

After you set up the display, receiver, and level of accuracy that best matches your needs, you’re ready to find the best systems for your operation. From data management to guidance solutions, we offer various precision farming equipment that can be combined or used on their own.

  1. Make Decisions with Operations Center. As one of our most popular pieces of precision ag equipment, Operations Center collects and compiles valuable information on crops, conditions, and any other factors that influence yield. By learning from your performance over time, you and any trusted advisors can make better decisions to optimize yield and maximize profit. 

  2. Monitor Equipment with JDLink. Keep your machine in tip-top shape by remotely monitoring critical and timely information with JDLink. Not only can you improve your fleet utilization, but you’ll also be able to catch small maintenance issues before they turn into big, money-eating problems. 

  3. Increase Productivity with AutoTrac. With several AutoTrac products available, you can choose based on your goals in mind. Cover more ground and maximize inputs with AutoTrac Controller, or decrease crop damage while operating faster with AutoTrac Vision. As one of our newest products, AutoTrac Rowsense allows you to protect crop yield while applying crop protectants. Check out all of our solutions by clicking here.

John Deere Operations Center

What’s the first step in implementing Precision Farming Equipment?

The most crucial step is finding a dealership that you can trust. At Tennessee Tractor in Martin, TN, we have a dedicated team that is ready to help. With plenty of knowledge and experience in precision ag, we’ll help you find the best solutions for your operation. Through answering any questions and finding the right equipment, all the way to troubleshooting out in the field, our team is there every step of the way.