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We put the John Deere 1025R head-to-head with the competition to prove that the difference is more than just paint deep. Explore our comparisons to see how John Deere's superior performance and innovation set them apart.

Work Lights

John Deere tractors are renowned for their durability and high performance, and their work lights are no exception. The LED lights on the 1025R are designed to provide exceptional brightness, ensuring optimal visibility even in the darkest conditions.

Mower Deck

You're not going to want to keep your mower deck attached while tackling other tasks on your property, so being able to connect it and disconnect it with ease is a big deal. This 7-gauge steel, AutoConnect Mower Deck is superior in durability, speed of connection and ease of use.


Operate with more confidence and less foot fatigue with the John Deere's intuitive Hydrostatic Twin Touch pedals. Keep your heel planted and your mind on the task at hand without having to fumble around with an awkward heel pedal.

Rear Implements

Lower rear implements, like a box blade, to a consistent height with ease with the 1025R's Position Control Hitch. When leveling a gravel driveway, precision is the name of the game. Don't make more passes than you have to, lower your hitch to the same height no matter how many times you lift the blade.

Seat Comfort

A quick test drive around the dealership parking lot won't tell you anything about performance comfort, but when you meet your first gopher hole, root or mole hill, you'll be glad you went with the premium, weather resistant, marine-grade cut and sewn seats with superior suspension on the 1025R.

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