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John Deere Precision Ag in Brownsville, TN

John Deere has been creating problem-solving solutions for farmers ever since he introduced the self-scouring steel plow back in 1837. This new-age technology led to the movement of transforming the midwest into fertile farmland, completing reinventing agriculture in the US. 

Keeping this momentum running 200 years later, John Deere is continuing to lead the charge in precision ag technology. By innovating systems to increase accuracy and boost production, farmers are able to reap the benefits of lower operating costs and higher output.

What is Precision Ag Technology?

Think of everything a tractor can do. Seed, plant, harvest. Now, think of a tractor doing everything with more efficiency and more accuracy. Precision ag technology uses advanced information technology like GPS guidance, control systems, sensors, robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, variable rate technology, GPS-based soil sampling, automated hardware, telematics, and software to improve operation (according to AgFunder News). 

These systems give the operator more control over their operating conditions, making it easier to manipulate what exactly will go on.

What all can Precision Ag Technology do?

There’s quite a bit that precision ag equipment can do, but it’s mainly related to boosting accuracy when it comes to planting and growing crops. We are going to break it down and see how these technologies can help with each season of the year.

  1. Prep. In order to grow, it’s important to provide a healthy and uniform foundation for the plants. Adding satellite guidance into your operation allows you to reduce overlap, ultimately saving you time and fuel costs. You can also map vital information such as the field conditions and the depth tilled.
  2. Plant. Introducing precision ag to your planting process lets you plant at faster speeds with no dip in accuracy. Plant up to 10 mph so you can ensure the job gets done. Perform automated headland turns at the push of a button to improve consistency and fight fatigue.
  3. Grow. Documenting what was sprayed, where it was sprayed, and when it was sprayed can provide data that will help guide your decision making in the future. You can also find AutoTrac systems that will keep your row crops safe while spraying faster. View our AutoTrac Vision or AutoTrac RowSense to see which would be the best fit for you.
  4. Harvest. You’ve worked hard for this moment, so make sure you are making the most of it! Use satellite guidance to harvest your crops at a consistent speed, making even and uniform turns. Documenting each harvest pass as well as the crops’ conditions will also allow you to plan even better for the future season.

With each of these functions, you’ll be able to control the whole show from the outskirts of the field. There isn’t much that’s convenient when it comes to running a farm. That’s why mobile troubleshooting and adjustments were designed to give you convenience when you can get it. 

Who can Precision Ag Technology benefit? 

Created to directly benefit any agriculture operation as a whole, precision ag technology will make just about everybody involved happy. 

If you want to learn more about how precision ag can improve your farming operation, give us a call at Tennessee Tractor. We want to see your performance grow!