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John Deere Gators for Sale in Ripley, TN

What do adventurers and hard workers have in common? They are both constantly on the move. Does this sound like you? If so, you’re in the right place- the John Deere Gator can get you where you need to be even in harsh conditions. The John Deere Gators are utility vehicles that can assist you in getting around your land or even exploring new land. They are perfect for people who work farms or ranches or just have a lot of property. Choose from our Work Series, Mid-Size XUVs or Full-Size XUVs to fulfill your quest, whatever it may be. Come chat with our experts at Tennessee Tractor to discover which Gator is best for you.

Work Series

Great For: Property Management, Golf, Jobsite/Construction, Farming, Ranching

The Work Series gives you much to choose from so you can work the way you want. They have gas, diesel, and electric options to give you a power source that best aligns with your goals and priorities. You will have no problem getting around with the precision-engineered drivetrain system. The drivetrain uses engine power to optimize hill-climbing abilities, hauling, acceleration and towing. When navigating tough terrain, use an electronic switch to instantly change from 2WD to 4WD for extra traction. There is also a 6X4 option available. When you’re in a hurry, put the pedal to the metal and go up to 25 mph. Aside from moving around, these Gators can lend a helping hand too because they have cargo capacities of up to 1200 lbs and towing capacities of up to 1400 lbs. 

Mid-Size Crossover XUV Gators

Great for: Trail Riding, Hunting, Farming, Ranching, Passenger Transportation, Property Management

The Mid-Size Crossover Gators make room for more passengers and more adventure. There are 2-passenger and 4-passenger models you can choose from so you have the option of sharing your adventures with others. It still has the same precision-engineered drive system as the Work Series but offers more traction for tough spots and off-road action with the electronically selectable 4WD and MFWD options. You and your passengers will enjoy the ride thanks to the four-wheel independent suspension system. The suspension is great when it comes to driving over rigorous terrain and cutting through corners. You still should hold tight though because the Mid-Size Gators can reach up to 45mph. Make no mistake, these vehicles can still be put to work. The cargo box is made extra-durable for longevity and can carry up to 500 lbs.

Full-Size Crossover XUV Gators

The Full-Size Gators know no bounds and are up for the challenge whether it's work or play. Made for 3 or 4 passengers, these gators have super terrain capabilities. The precision-engineered drive system teams up with the dual-A front and rear suspension to power through challenging turf and exert exceptional hauling capabilities. Operate the gator smoothly and easily with the convenient power steering. There is also an 11 ft ground clearance so obstacles such as rocks and other wild things aren’t in your way. You have the options of gasoline or diesel to fuel your gator, and with the electronic fuel injection features on gas models, you can top speeds of 45 mph.

If you have any questions or would like more information on our John Deere Gators don’t hesitate to contact us or visit us at our Ripley, TN location today!

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