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John Deere Excavator for Sale in Somerville, TN

If you need a digging job done, chances are you are going to look for an excavator. But you don’t want just any excavator, you want to make sure you get your money's worth. At Tennessee Tractor we believe you should never settle for less when it comes to equipment. That is why we stand proud behind our John Deere compact excavators. Despite its compact size, it packs plenty of power and has features that will make operation hassle-free. If you are in Somerville, TN and looking for a compact excavator that meets your standards, keep reading to see why this one will exceed them.

Why should I get a compact excavator?

Compact excavators are perfect for small construction projects and simple enough for you to operate with little experience. This makes them ideal for homeowners who are looking to make a new addition to their home or property owners who want to complete a job in a smaller confined space. Regardless of their compact size, they still pack plenty of power, with horsepower options ranging from 14-53 hp. With impressive breakout force, bucket force, and arm force, these machines are not to be underestimated.

What attachments can I use with my compact excavator?

It’s true, excavators are the ultimate digging machines- however, they can be useful for other jobs too. With several attachment options available, excavators can be very versatile and useful in boosting your productivity. Attachments such as backhoes, augers, and hammers are common to pair with the machines for excavation tasks. Nevertheless, they can also be paired with attachments like buckets, rakes, and forks to complete many other tasks. 

How far can they dig?

Our largest model, the 60G, can dig as deep as 12 ft. . All of the 6 models have unique specifications and capabilities that are listed below.

Contact us for more information on our excavators or other compact construction equipment. If you’re in Somerville, TN, catch us in person and see what could potentially be yours.

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