John Deere 5R Tractors for Sale in Tennessee


John Deere 5R Tractors for Sale in Tennessee

With all of the top qualities of a row crop tractor suppressed into the utility tractor class, the John Deere 5R tractors will go above and beyond. This premium series has generous power and superior features, giving you what it takes to boost your operation. With locations all throughout Tennessee, our staff is eager to tell you even more about our 5Rs for sale here at Tennessee Tractor.

A John Deere 511R Utility Tractor hauling bales of hay

5Reasons to Love the 5

  1. Best-In-Class Maneuverability

    With its industry-leading wheelbase of only 88.6 inches and an 8% tighter turning radius, you’ll be able to experience maneuverability like you never have before.  Increased visibility and strategically-placed controls also play a part, giving the operator more opportunity to be fully in control.

  1. Clutch-Free Transmissions

    Each 5R tractor includes a CommandQuad Manual Transmission (similar to this one on the 6M) that allows operators to shift through gears and ranges without having to clutch. Instead, simply toggling the shift lever forward or backward gets the job done. This single movement increases efficiency and allows for a more user-friendly operating experience. The optional Command8 transmission features an auto mode that maintains a consistent ground speed by selecting the appropriate gear and rpm. By doing so, you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds by fully optimizing your engine and transmission.

  1. Winning Fuel-Efficiency (Which Translates Into a Money-Saver)

    Perhaps one of the most favorited benefits, the 5R Series contains features like auto mode and cooler bypass technology that works with the Final Tier 4 engine to deliver best-in-class fluid efficiency. Take on 8-hour workdays without having to refuel. It’s time to turn long workdays short. 

  1. Productivity-Boosting Power

    The 5R utility tractors allow you to do more so you can get the job done. An 8% torque rise allows operators to achieve up to 10 additional engine horsepower during transport. This allows you to put more power to the ground, ultimately increasing productivity in your operation. After all, who couldn’t use a little bit of a boost?  

  1. First-Class Views in a First-Class Seat

    Comfort and visibility do not fall short with the 5R Series. With the optional panorama cab, you’ll be able to take on a wider amount of applications without any visibility issues. The 5R’s cab improves forward-facing visibility by 7% while improving roof visibility by 80%. Still not sold? The cab includes premium features like a sliding top and front shade, Bluetooth radio, USB port, auxiliary cord, interior light and a rear windshield wiper. Look forward to the ultimate operating experience.
Front view from the operating seat of the John Deere 5125R Utility Tractor