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John Deere 5R for Sale in Union City, TN

To successfully run an agriculture operation, you need equipment you can depend on and that is easy to operate. At Tennessee Tractor in Union City, Tennessee, we carry John Deere’s 5R Utility Tractors. These tractors are a great addition to any ranching or farming operation. They are premium tractors that are built to last with high-quality parts. The 5R tractors are the most feature-loaded tractors in John Deere’s 5 Series lineup. The 5R lineup includes four tractors, the 5090R, the 5100R, the 5115R, and the 5125R. These tractors offer 90-125 hp and best-in-class maneuverability with an 88.6-in wheelbase.

Must-Have Options:


Want to say goodbye to crooked rows and stop stripping your field when you’re putting out fertilizer? Or maybe even just have the ability to relax while you’re cutting and not have to pay close attention to if you are cutting in a straight line? The AutoTracTM system is designed to help improve machine efficiency, minimize overlapping, and reduce operator fatigue. When getting an AutoTrac Ready tractor, the only other device you need to get is a StarFire™ 6000 Receiver and your tractor will be ready to get to work.

Suspended Front Axle

Getting a 5R tractor that is equipped with a suspended front axle, not only provides you, the operator, with greater comfort, but it improves tractor performance but it allows the tractor to have greater traction. You can adjust the axle 45 millimeters up or 45 millimeters down to adapt to working conditions.


This optional feature takes operator comfort and convenience to the next level. The John Deere’s CommandARMTM groups together all of your most-used controls such as the PTO engagement, engine throttle, loader controls, selective control valves, and hitch adjustment on the top of the left armrest to give you easy access to all your controls. In addition to the control being within hand's reach, the swivel seat is still fully functional. 


At Tennessee tractor, we only sell equipment, we also help finance your new equipment. Our finance department will work with you to figure out which plan works best for you. You can also finance any parts, accessories, and extended service plans you are wanting. You tell us what you want and we will help you get it at the lowest monthly payment possible. You can fill out our credit applications online and avoid coming into the store to fill them out.

To get a hands-on experience with John Deere 5R tractors, come by Tennessee Tractor in Union City, Tennessee, and demo a machine. We are confident you will love them just as much as we do. They are the perfect depiction of a versatile tractor that fits into almost any operation. They are right at home on the farm, ranch, and even in municipal mowing fleets. If you are waiting for a sign to tell you it’s time to buy a tractor, this is your sign. Invest in a John Deere 5R tractor, and your operation will thank you.

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