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John Deere 5E Tractors for Sale in Martin, TN

Whether you are working to grow off your land or you’re working to build up your land, you’ll find great value in the John Deere 5E Series. Offering more than enough power and capabilities to take on tough jobs and heavy lifting, you won’t have to worry about biting off more than you can chew.

We get quite a few questions about the 5E, and we thought we would answer some of them to help you get a better idea of what all this series has to offer.

Common Questions About the 5E Tractor

Who Uses the 5E Tractor? 

Made specifically for heavy-duty chores, John Deere designed the 5E Series to become a right-hand man for producers, landscapers, and property owners alike. With the ability to pull hundreds of different implements, you’ll find that there’s quite a bit you can do with this utility tractor. Ground-engaging tasks like tilling are especially common with the 5E tractors because of its excellent power to weight ratio. 

What are the best implements for the 5E Tractor?

Again, this question really depends on the person operating the tractor. So ask yourself what’s on your to-do list for today? There are a few different implements that work well across the board for each of our customers. 

  • Front Loader → You’ll find this implement to be helpful in just about every job you take on. Whether you are having to haul around hay bales or you are transporting debris, you won’t have to do it alone. Take fewer trips so you can focus your time and energy on what really matters. 
  • Rotary Tiller →  As we mentioned before, the 5E tractor makes especially fine work out of a tiller. With the sturdy power to loosen up even the toughest dirt, you’ll be able to prep your land for whatever comes next.
  • Backhoe → Have a new project in mind? Whether you are breaking ground to uproot a stump or you are digging out a ditch, you’ll find some good use out of a backhoe implement.
  • Rotary Cutter → Stubborn weeds and tough brush are now a problem of the past. Pull a rotary cutter through your troubled area and it’ll be cleared out in no time.
  • What type of engine does the 5E Series use?

    Power and efficiency walk hand in hand with these utility tractors, and it all starts in the heart of the tractor. In each model offered, you’ll find the John Deere PowerTech turbocharged diesel engine to be the true mastermind. 

    With features like the automatic regeneration system, you’ll find it easier to maintain than most comparable engines. The engine runs at standard operating speeds for both the 3- and 4-cylinder tractors, and it works hard to reduce noise, vibration, and wear. Sounds like it’s in it for the long-haul. 

    What is the difference between a 3-cylinder and a 4-cylinder tractor? 

    Apart from the obvious, the number of cylinders indicates how often power is generated in terms of degree measurements. There are a couple of advantages of both that could help you narrow down your decision. A 3-cylinder engine uses less material and optimizes fuel more efficiently than a 4-cylinder does, however, a 4-cylinder is able to spread out power more effectively and is typically lighter on the pocket. 

    Is the 5E easy to use?

    Remember learning to ride your bike? It takes a little bit of understanding and practice at first, and then you’re good to go. Many first-time tractor owners are put off by the “imitation factor” of the large wheels and the daunting implements. We’re here to tell you that once you get behind the controls for the first time, you’ll find operating to be a lot easier than you imagined. 

    With repositioned controls and intuitive designs, you’ll have even easier access to important controls. The new 5E 3-cylinder models provide 14% greater visibility to help you maneuver around obstacles and guide rear implements.

    Still have some questions? At Tennessee Tractor, we want to make sure you find the tractor that will help mark every item off your to-do list. Browsing equipment can be overwhelming, so it’s important you make a decision you are confident in and sure of. So give us a call here in Martin, TN and our team will be happy to help.

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