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John Deere 5 Series Tractors for Sale in Somerville, TN

Somerville, Tennessee, where roots run deep and the sense of community is strong. Tennessee Tractor is proud to serve the farmers and landowners of Somerville. If you are looking for a mid-size utility tractor to take on heavy-duty farming chores like hauling feed, clearing brush, and putting up hay, check out the John Deere 5 Series tractors we have for sale in Somerville. We sell all three of John Deere's 5 Series lineups- the E's, M's, and R's.

5E Series

This series is made up of simple and reliable tractors that are built to handle chores around the property or for roadside mowing. These tractors are the most basic models in the 5 Series. They are perfect for anyone who wants a no-frills tractor. There are 6 models in the 5E lineup: 5045E5055E5065E5075E5090Eand 5100E. These tractors are available with your choice of an open operator station or a cab. You can also get them in 2WD or 4WD. The first four tractors in the lineup are equipped with 3-cylinder engines and the last two are equipped with 4-cylinder engines

5M Series

There are 5 models in the 5M lineup: 5075M5090M5100M5115Mand 5125M. Depending on the model, you can get these tractors with an open station or a climate-controlled cab. The 5M tractors are great for ranchers with livestock and farmers that need a dependable and capable tractor for chores. This lineup comes with more feature options than the 5E series but not quite as many as the fully loaded 5R tractors. If you want a machine that provides you with the must-have features but you don’t want to pay for extras, these tractors are likely a good fit for you.

5R Series

The ones that have it all. The 5R Series tractors are fully feature-loaded and provide you with technology and comfort options that are only available on the 5R tractors. The tractors provide you with a premium experience. With best-in-class maneuverability, these tractors are ready to work wherever you need them. There are 4 tractors in the 5R lineup: 5090R5100R5115Rand 5125R. These tractors are great for farmers that will be running equipment day in and day out and want that extra level of comfort and convenience that only the R models provide.

Swing by Tennessee Tractor in Somerville, Tennessee to check out the new John Deere 5 Series tractors we have for sale. If you are interested in getting more information on these tractors and what they are capable of, contact our sales team and we will be happy to help. At Tennessee Tractor, we are dedicated to serving the Somerville community.

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