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John Deere 5 Series near Kentucky for Sale near Kentucky

Have you ever heard the saying “you have to spend money to make money”? That is true, but you never want to spend your money on things that will give you little to nothing in return. Here at Tennessee Tractor we believe that every customer should get the most bang for their buck. This is where our 5 Series utility tractors come in. We offer 3 versions of the John Deere 5 Series so each customer can choose the one that best aligns with their values and budget. Choose from our affordable 5E Series, our expansive 5M Series, or our premium 5R Series and reap the benefits of the best purchase you’ve made yet.

5E Series: 50 - 100 HP

The 5E Series offers 6 models that are affordable and simple so you can get the job done with ease. While these models are most economical, they most definitely do not fall short in performance. The signature PowerTech engine provides enough power and efficiency to get through the most brutal days of work. Also, these models are equipped with mechanical four-wheel drive that allows the tractor to work in tough and slippery conditions. You can also be fuel-efficient with the 540 E economy PTO option. This option reduces engine rpm to decrease fuel consumption, saving you from constant refill trips. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to work in this tractor either. These models come with climate-controlled cabs, allowing you to work in a comfortable temperature regardless of the outside conditions.

5M Series: 75hp -125hp

The 5M Series are mid-size tractors that give you features to make putting work in a little more convenient. One of those features is the optional AutoTrac universal steering kit integrated into the tractor display. Utilize this steering kit for automated steering that will help you combat operator’s fatigue, optimize machine efficiency and work at faster speeds. These tractors also are built to power through rough conditions. Their mid-frame size provides more strength and durability; the increased torque and power bulge make the tractors ideal for getting out of tough spots. Also, increase productivity with the 3-point hitch included on all the 5M models. The 3-point hitch not only improves lift capacity but also can adapt to a wide range of implements including heavier ones such as planters and sprayers. The 5M models also feature a premium cab option that includes several operator-friendly features such as Bluetooth, heating and cooling vents, and 4X6 coaxial speakers. 

5R Series: 90 hp -125 hp

The 5R Series offers everything you would need in a tractor and more. This series integrates advanced technology with durable and reliable mechanics that allow you to complete any job effortlessly. One standout feature of the 5R Series is the digital Corner Post Display. This display allows you to navigate many functions and controls all on a compact small screen. Make adjustments to hitch, transmission, and engine settings as well as view information such as PTO, ground speed and even AutoTrac. This series also features the AutoClutch system which allows the operator to make a complete stop without clutching. This also allows the operator to inch or creep forward or reverse which is ideal for front and rear implement hookups. It’s only right that the premium series includes a premium cab option as well. Believe it or not, this is only a fraction of what the 5R Series offers.

Think you found the best option or you? Need more information? Come visit your nearest Tennessee Tractor and we’ll assist you in getting the tractor that is your perfect match.

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