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John Deere 3025E for Sale in Somerville, TN

If you need equipment that can make a big impact but comes in a compact size, our John Deere 3E series tractors are calling your name. The 3025E tractor is the perfect machine to start with. Made for small farming and landscaping applications, this small framed tractor can benefit people in a number of settings. This tractor is small but provides maximum traction with its 4WD. And with its huge number of implement options, it gives you the opportunity to transform your property without any additional help. On top of that, it is made affordable so you won’t have to break your pockets to put in serious work. If you are in Somerville, TN, stop by Tennessee Tractor to see all the amazing things the 3025E can do for you.


Work all day without any lagging with the 3025E’s powerful Yanmar engine. The Yanmar engine uses the latest technologies to optimize fuel economy and improve control and accuracy. This also reduces environmental impact so the Earth you are working with won’t be harmed. It is also equipped with a two-range hydrostatic transmission to improve tractor performance. It has access to infinite ground speeds so you can match your speed to the job at hand.  Other benefits of the transmission include no clutching for fast and easy directional changes and TwinTouch foot pedals for quick and easy forward/reverse operation.

Implement Options

These tractors were made to take on many tasks with their convenient implement hookups. Attaching implements can be more difficult than necessary and slow down your work progress. Make getting attached simple with the optional iMatch Quick-Hitch. The Quick-Hitch provides easy hookup for any Category 1 implement that has a set of brushings. There is also a two-spool rear selector valve that boosts implement performance.

Operator’s Station

Your tractor can put in hard work but with the comfortable operator's station, you won’t have to feel like you are. Adjust your seat to fit to give you maximum comfort with the fore and aft lever located under the seat. You can also avoid soreness from sitting for long periods of time with the plush and padded seat. The controls are conveniently located on the side of the operator and color-coded to avoid any mix-ups. There is also a left side step for easy access off and on the tractor.

Not owning the 3025E is what is stopping you from performing the daily tasks of your property easily. To start taking charge of your land, get a quote today! For more information contact us or visit us in person at our Somerville location.

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