John Deere 3 Series in Somerville, TN


John Deere 3 Series in Somerville, TN

John Deere 3 Series Tractor

Key Tractor Specs

3D Tractors

John Deere 3D


  • Engine Horsepower: 24.7-42.2 HP
  • PTO Power: 20.7-36.3 HP
  • Transmissions: Gear Drive Transmission 8F/8R
  • Operator Station: Open

3E Tractors

John Deere 3E


  • Engine Horsepower: 24.7-37.3 HP
  • PTO Power: 17.4-30 HP
  • Transmissions: Hydrostatic
  • Operator Station: Open

3R Tractors

John Deere 3D


  • Engine Horsepower: 32.2-45.3 HP
  • PTO Power: 23-33.9 HP
  • Transmissions: PowrReverserTM or E-Hydrostatic
  • Operator Station: Open or Cab

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John Deere 3 Series tractors are great for first-time tractor owners, hobby farmers, and anyone looking for a small tractor capable of property maintenance. The 3 Series tractors are powerful and strong enough to take on farming chores but still small enough to do larger landscaping tasks like planting trees. The 3D tractors are designed to be the workhorse of the bunch. With a standard hauling capacity of up to 4409 lbs, you can move most anything you need. The 3E tractors are the economical ones in the group. The hydrostatic transmission on these tractors is great for landscaping jobs because you can change directions by simply switching between the forward and reverse pedals. John Deere’s 3R tractors are the fully-loaded machines in the 3 Series lineup. They are equipped with high-capacity high hydraulics, premium sears, and an optional PowrReverserTM transmission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 3 Series John Deere tractor weigh?

The exact weight of the tractor varies from model to model. The weight can also change depending on which implements and attachments you have connected. Below are the approximate shipping weights without any extra attachments or implements.

  • 3D Tractors: 2778-2840 lbs

  • 3E Tractors: 2603-2668 lbs

  • 3R Tractors: Open Station 2900-3047 lbs, Cab 3570-3570 lbs

What is the difference between John Deere 3025D and 3025E tractors?

At a quick glance, the 3025D and 3025E seem to be the same tractor aside from there being a different letter at the end of the name. However, there are a few key differences. The 3025D has a smaller turning radius than the 3025E. The D model has a turning radius of 5 feet 3 inches and the E model has a turning radius of 9 feet 3 inches. These tractors also have different transmissions. The D model has an 8F/8R Gear Drive transmission and the 3E has a hydrostatic transmission. The gear drive transmission functions similarly to a manual transmission in a car and the hydrostatic transmission functions similarly to an automatic transmission in a car. Because of the different transmissions, only the 3025E is available with optional cruise control.

How much horsepower do 3 Series tractors have?

Each tractor model puts out a slightly different amount of horsepower. The larger the model number is, the more engine horsepower the tractor has. The lowest powered 3 Series tractor, the 3025E, puts out 24.7HP. The most powerful 3 Series tractor, the 3046R, puts out 45.3 HP. With 9 models, there are numerous power options to choose from within that range.

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