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When you become a homeowner, you’re given power. Power to change, and power to do. Power to turn your yard into something you can be proud of. But what you need is some way to harness that power. 

And that’s where the John Deere 3 Series comes in.

With the 3 Series, you can take advantage of big tractor performance in a small, manageable size. Easy-to-use controls and a comfortable operation station will increase your operating efficiency while generous power will get your job done fast.Our wide selection of implements available offers versatility, allowing you to accomplish anything. Let’s take a look at some jobs you can take on with a 3 Series tractor.

  1. Mow it down. With several implements offered to ensure you get the best choice for your land, you’re guaranteed a clean, even cut. Choose the Drive-Over Autoconnect Mid-Mount Mower Deck or OnRamp Mower Deck for an easy step to a manicured yard, or pick up a rotary cutter to cut down thick brush. Each 3 Series model is easy to maneuver, making your mow job a breeze.
  2. Dig it up. The 3 Series backhoe offers precise control and extra torque so you can add accuracy and efficiency wherever you dig. Whether you are gearing up for planter work or you’re digging a trench, you’ll be able to take advantage of powerful digging forces. Augers are also available to provide deep, even holes for any fence post. 
  1. Push it out. Move dirt, clear snow and transport gravel effortlessly with a front blade attached to your tractor. Box blades and landscape rakes are also available to level out any dirt road or driveway. Each implement is easy to attach and maneuver thanks to strong, durable designs.
  2. Load it around. As one of the most versatile implements of all, the front loader can attach a bucket or pallet fork to make transportation around your property simple. Move piles of dirt, bags of soil, wood planks, or mulch with ease. Take advantage of stability thanks to John Deere and Frontier’s careful planning. Check out these tips on how to fill your loader bucket to the max .

See a couple of jobs that caught your eye? Stop by Tennessee Tractor in Paris, TN, and we’ll be happy to tell you even more about what these John Deere Compact Tractors can do. We’ll break down the differences between the value-priced 3E models so you can find the best fit for your plans.