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John Deere 1025R for Sale in Ripley, TN

Keeping up with your lawn shouldn't have to be difficult. You shouldn’t need over-complicated equipment with too many controls either. At Tennessee Tractor in Ripley, we offer a sub-compact tractor that is exactly what you’re looking for. That is our John Deere 1025R tractor. This compact tractor was engineered for the average homeowner, so knocking out those outdoor chores can be more satisfying than it sounds. Every feature contributes to more convenience for the operator and more beauty for the exterior of your home.

Easy implement swaps = more time being productive

Of course, you will need multiple implements to get all the jobs done around your home. Nevertheless, switching out implements doesn’t have to slow you down. The 1025R has several easy implement swap options that get you connected in no time. This model features the AutoConnect Deck system which can connect a mid-mount mower deck to the tractor in less than 60 seconds without leaving the seat. There are several other implement swaps such as the Quik-Tatch front hitch, Quik-Park loader system, iMatch Quick-Hitch, and Quik-Knect system. There can be up to three implements mounted simultaneously which will guarantee your productivity to soar.

TwinTouch pedals = more control

When operating your equipment, it is important that you are driving the tractor and the tractor isn’t driving you. The TwinTouch pedals make sure your 1025R does exactly what you need as far as speed and direction. This comes in handy for many tasks such as loader and mower applications where frequent direction and speed changes are needed. The TwinTouch pedals allow you to curate your ideal speed with no clutching necessary, which allows you to work most efficiently.

Spacious operator station = more comfort

The standard 1025R comes with an open operator station. This not only gives the operator increased visibility but also increased comfort. The thick, textured rubber floor mat absorbs shock and noise plus reduces vibration. The deluxe suspension seat has a movable armrest and gives the driver superb back support, while the steering wheel tilts and lets your arms rest in a natural position, reducing operator fatigue. There is nothing too far out of reach- the controls are located next to the fenders and are color-coded to avoid confusion. There is also an option to add a cab to your station. This is ideal for colder winter months or when you want to be shielded from the elements. 

What tasks can you do with your 1025R? 

Mow Your Lawn

This is probably the most obvious option, but still worth mentioning. The 1025R is compatible with the 60-inch 60D Autoconnect Mid-mount Drive-over mower deck. Connect in seconds by simply driving over the deck and get straight to mowing.

Cut Down Wild Weeds and Brush

Your 1025R can also tackle those annoying weeds and brush surrounding your home. Attach a rotary cutter to your tractor and watch the gruesome plant material disappear.

Prepare Your Garden Bed

Finally start the garden of your dreams by prepping the soil. It will be no hassle when you attach a 120 Quik-Park loader with a commercial quality Tiller.

Grade and Level

Fulfill a number of landscaping projects such as paving a gravel driveway by grading and leveling. All you have to do is connect the easy-to-attach 120R Quik-Park loader and box blade and you’re set.

Remove Snow

Don’t fret in winter months when you’re all snowed in, your 1025R can fix that too. Clear any driveways, sidewalks, or paths that may have been buried when you pair your tractor with a plow blade and front loader. Not to mention, the 1025R is equipped with a rear-mounted snow blower as well as optional heated cab. You’ll be out in no time. 

Hauling Materials 

Last but not least, attaching the 120R Quick-Park loader alone or with another implement can allow you to lift and carry landscaping materials.

At Tennessee Tractor we offer equipment that meets the needs of our customers, and our John Deere 1025R is perfect for our Ripley homeowners. See exactly what the 1025R can do for you by coming to our Ripley location or visit our website to get a quote!

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