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John Deere 1 Series in Union City, TN

Do you enjoy coming home to an overgrown yard? Probably not, and you shouldn’t have to. Our John Deere 1 Series tractors are designed for small property owners and homeowners. These tractors make doing chores more fun and a lot less of a hassle. If having a machine that can do it all sounds like something you want, Tennessee Tractor has the tractors for you.

About 1 Series Tractors

The 1 series line-up includes two models, the 1023E and the 1025R. Both of these tractors are built to be easy and comfortable to use. The 1023E tractors are the most affordable and economical tractors in the 1 series line-up. They are equipped with the essential “must-have” features such as a comfort operator station and power steering. The 1025R tractors are the more feature-heavy tractors and have more horsepower. These machines are great for first-time tractor owners because they are easy to operate and they can tackle a wide variety of tasks.

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Landscaping With 1 Series Tractors

If landscaping is on your to-do list, having a 1 Series tractor is a must. There are numerous attachments and implements you can use to transform your yard. 


One of the most common is John Deere’s Mid-Mount Drive Over AutoConnectTM Mower Deck. These mower decks are easy to connect and disconnect. All you have to do is drive over the ramps mounted on the mower deck, listen for the PTO to connect, set your desired deck height and you are ready to mow, all of which can be done from the comfort of the operator’s station. There is also a rear mount grooming mower that will give your yard a well-manicured finish. 


If your yard is in need of some rejuvenation, you can connect a core aerator to allow more air oxygen to get to the grass roots or you can use an overseeder to help combat bare spots in your yard. 


There are several attachments you can use with John Deere’s 1 Series tractors. One of the most versatile attachments for gardening is the bucket. You can use the bucket for hauling your plants, mulch, or any gardening supply. You can also use it for transporting soil. Another useful implement for planting gardens is John Deere’s Stand-Duty Tiller. The tiller breaks up soil and prepares it for planting. Once your plants are in the ground and starting to grow, you can use a Frontier One-Row Cultivator to keep weeds at bay.

Don’t settle for a half-decent yard. Have the yard of your dreams. John Deere 1 Series tractors make it easier than ever for you to bring your landscaping desire to fruition. Come by Tennessee Tractor in Union City, Tennessee to check out the 1 Series tractors we have for sale. You decide which tractor best fits your needs and we will help you make it yours.

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