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How to Choose the Right John Deere Tractor for your Property

John Deere has a fantastic lineup of tractors that are all capable of doing all kinds of tasks. However, when it’s time to choose a tractor that accommodates your property it’s important to choose something that optimizes your daily tasks the most. When choosing the right John Deere tractor you want to take into consideration both the size of your property and the types of chores you plan to do. Let’s take a look at the best work environments for compact and utility tractors.

For modest land and light chores

If your property has 5 or fewer acres and your main priorities for your tractor are lawn care and property management, you should consider a sub-compact tractor. The 1 Series offers a nice amount of power and lift ability for light chores such as mowing, loading, and leveling but is still small enough to store in your garage after use. Their small frame combined with 4WD and power steering also gives them great maneuverability, great for getting into all the nooks and crannies of your land. They also have user-friendly controls that make them easy to operate for first-time users. 

For greater land and moderate chores

Typically, the larger your acreage the more your to-do list increases, so you will need a bit more muscle to complete chores. For land owners of 5-10 acres, an excellent option is the 2 Series or 3 Series compact tractors. They have an increase in horsepower and weight, giving them more power and stability to handle bigger jobs. This can come in handy for more intensive landscaping work like tilling, digging, and hauling. The 3 Series can also be a great addition to small farms with their ability to maneuver tight spaces while still being able to lift to 1122 lbs and perform more intensive groundwork.

For large land with high demands

In most cases, property owners of up to 10-20 acres need a tractor that can do more than just property maintenance, they need a powerhouse that can contribute to their operation. The 4 Series tractors are the ones for the job. The 4 Series are the largest and strongest of the John Deere compact tractor lineup. With up to 66 HP, they can take on some of the same chores as utility tractors. These models still have smaller frames than standard utility tractors so they can maneuver in tight spaces such as stables while still performing heavy-duty work.

For running big operations on sizable land

Farmers, ranchers, and other hard workers running operations on more than 20 acres need all the power they can get, which is why moving up to utility tractors might be the best option. Composed of the 5 Series and 6 Series, John Deere Utility Tractors have up to 100-250 HP. They are designed to complete heavy-duty chores that keep your operation going from spraying crops, baling hay, and cultivating soil. 

At Tennessee Tractor we have equipment suited for everybody. If you would like more assistance in finding the right tractor for your property or want to get a closer look at a tractor in person feels free to contact us or visit us at your nearest dealer! We’ll be happy to help.

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