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Compact Construction Equipment in Trenton, TN

Whether you’ve been in the construction industry for a while or you’re a new DIY land-owner, our compact construction equipment has the productivity you need to work smarter. With fuel-efficient engines and money-saving features, you’ll be able to save on resources so you can focus solely on the job ahead. 

Our John Deere Mini Construction line offers four different workhorse series: skid steers, compact track loaders, mini excavators, and wheel loaders. With a wide range of models offered within each different series, you’ll find a match whether you dabble in the occasional weekend lawn project or you’re looking to take your operation to the next level. 

If you’re on the hunt for affordable equipment that is more than capable of a job well done here in Trenton, TN, keep reading to learn more about our Compact Construction Equipment.

Finding the Right Equipment for Your Operation

Skid Steer

Compact Track Loader

Compact Excavator

Wheel Loader

Why Choose Compact Construction Equipment Over Standard Equipment?

At Tennessee Tractor, we want to make sure you get the highest rate of return on your investment. That starts with choosing the absolute best equipment in terms of meeting your needs. So it’s not a matter of why every customer should choose compact sizes over standard sizes, it’s about whether compact sizes will fit your specific needs better. If you’re not sure, answer these questions to get a better idea of which construction equipment will be best for you.

  • What type of projects and material will you be taking on? While standard equipment is best suited for heavy-duty jobs and large-scale construction projects, it isn’t the answer to everything. Compact equipment has grown so much in popularity because of its ability to reach a whole new demographic: those needing less. With a much more affordable price tag, our CCE still provides more than enough power for our small-scale construction workers, farmers and landowners. 
  • What do your storage and transportation options look like? Standard construction equipment can sometimes be too large to store and pretty inconvenient to haul from site to site. If you plan on being on-the-move with limited resources, you might find a model from our mini-series to be the best option for you. Easy to store, easy to move!
  • Are soil compaction and ground damage a concern? More weight typically means more power, but it also means a higher chance of soil compaction and compaction of asphalt. Over-compaction of asphalt happens when oversized machinery causes the asphalt drum to overlap and erode. If the land you plan to work with is softer and more sensitive to heavy equipment, you might be better off with compact equipment.
  • Buying new equipment doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our team at Tennessee Tractor is ready to help you find the best solution to fit each of your needs. Give us a call at (731)-855-2123 or stop by for a visit here in Trenton, TN. We are ready to get to work!

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