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Best Small Tractor Implements for Homeowners in Tennessee

Being a homeowner in Tennessee most likely means you have a little land to make your own. With more land comes more opportunities to bring out its beauty and maybe even create some new additions. This can be done on your own with a John Deere compact tractor and the right team of compatible implements. You can finally start that garden, put up that fence, or even simply get a nicely cut lawn. Here at Tennessee Tractor, we are here to help you find all the right implements to turn your house into a home. Keep reading to see what you can accomplish with your small tractor.

Loader and Bucket

This is the most basic implement that you should have for your small tractor and it is much needed for just about any job. With your front loader, you will be able to easily lift heavy items and materials as well as transport them to where they need to be. This can be helpful for moving firewood, gravel, soil, or rocks. Don’t be afraid to get creative, this implement is very versatile and can turn up the productivity around your home.

Grooming Mower

A small tractor can be a great alternative to your old lawnmower when you hook up a grooming mower. This is a nice option for those with a good amount of acreage so you can cover more ground quicker. The grooming mower is designed to give your lawn a smooth cut with high blade speed for thorough cutting and uniform distribution.


There are a few blades that can be used to complete several tasks around your home. A rear blade is a great option for many tasks such as gardening, grading, driveway maintenance and ditch maintenance. Its simple blade design allows you to have more control over the pitch and angle so jobs are more customizable. A box blade is another great choice for landscaping jobs such as backfilling, grading and leveling, and removing ruts in driveways. The box blade differs from the rear blade because its box shape allows it to have scarifier teeth in the front that breaks up tough terrain and a blade in the back to smooth over ground.

Rotary Tiller

If you are planning on starting a garden or maybe revamping your old one, a rotary tiller is an excellent implement to have. A rotary tiller can heavily improve your garden’s potential by preparing your soil before planting. The rotary tiller uses a set of curved tines that are attached to a rotating shaft to dig into the soil and churn it to break up any sod or compacted earth resulting in better airflow and growing potential for your produce or crops.

Post Hole Digger

Planning to install a new fence or plant a few small trees? You’re going to need to do some fine digging and there is just the implement for that. That can be done with a post hole digger. Post hole diggers use a small auger to efficiently drill down into the ground for whatever you plan to install whether it’s a pole, tree, fence, or even a deck.

Acquiring these implements for your small tractor will be a great start to crafting your ideal home exterior. If you have any questions about these implements or others we haven’t covered don’t hesitate to contact us or visit your nearest Tennessee Tractor location to talk to one of our experts.

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