Best John Deere Skid Steer Implements for Farmers in West Tennessee

Best John Deere Skid Steer Implements for Farmers in West Tennessee

When you think of compact construction equipment such as skid steers, you probably think of them being used on a jobsite. However, that’s far from being the only use they have. With over 100 attachment options available for the John Deere skid steers, they can be helpful in many environments including farms. At Tennessee Tractor we offer some of the best John Deere skid steer implements for farmers in West Tennessee. Utilize these implements to improve everyday operations around your home or farmland.


Buckets are universal attachments that can be used in just about any setting, including agricultural jobs. There are a number of bucket options you can choose from. The most applicable buckets for farmers would be rollout buckets and side discharge buckets. The rollout bucket will allow you to gather and lift materials such as soil or dirt and dump them at elevated dump heights. The side discharge bucket can distribute materials in close proximity. This is ideal for gathering and discharging things like mulch or straw into barns or soil into trenches.

Rotary Cutter

Cutting different plant material is a very essential task for anybody that owns land. When you pair your skid steer with a rotary cutter, this mundane task can be quick and stress-free. The double-edged blades paired with fast speed will leave you with clean-cut land and one less thing on your to-do list.


Scrapers are a must-have for farmers, especially farmers with livestock such as horses or cattle. You need this implement to clean up and scrape different things like mud or manure. Scrapers make the job less gruesome than using a standard shovel and do a more effective job. The scraper implement features rubber cutting edges excellent for working on hard surfaces.

Bale Spears/Bale Huggers

Handling bales is another common job around the farm. That is why it is important to have the right tools to handle them properly. To do this, you have to have a bale spear and/or a bale hugger. Bale spears are great for a long working life because the spears offer great rigidity and capacity. The low-profile design offers unrestricted visibility to the operator. Bale huggers can also be used to maneuver bales by applying constant pressure to both sides of the bales to avoid dropping or damaging them. 


Mulchers are a necessary tool for keeping your farmland. The mulcher’s 60 in. wide rotor and 30 double carbide-tipped teeth can transform underbrush and wood material into mulch in minutes. Mulch can bring many benefits to your land such as retaining soil moisture, moderate soil temperature, and protecting soil from runoff or erosion. This is vital to maintaining healthy and fertile land.

Power Rakes

Power Rakes are great implements to have for prepping your land. They can be utilized to prep your seedbed to ensure optimal growth. Power rakes can also be used to level and grade soil or remove debris or rock from soil. 

These are the most essential skid steer implements for West Tennessee farmers, however, you can always add more to your collection. To explore more options or to seek more information about the implements listed above, visit your nearest Tennessee Tractor location!