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Best John Deere Compact Tractors for You

As a landowner, you want your property to be in the best shape possible. This could take a great deal of work, or maybe just a few trims. No matter the size of your job, even if you have no experience, you have the power to get it done all on your own. This is possible through John Deere compact tractors. The great thing about John Deere compact tractors is that there is one for everybody, no matter the size of your land or your job. These DIY tractors let you take things into your own hands so you can get things done just the way you like it.

Advantages of compact tractors


To those with little to no experience in land maintenance, construction or cultivation, owning a tractor may seem intimidating. We get it, but don’t worry! John Deere offers many features on compact tractors to make operation smooth and easy. Get where you need to go hassle-free with the simple Twin Touch control pedals. Get connected with the implements of your choice in as fast as 60 seconds with convenient implement swaps. Not to mention, you are guaranteed a nice ride with comfy and spacious cab and operator station options. When you choose John Deere, the tractor does most of the work so you don’t have to.


Compact tractors were specially designed to fit in smaller spaces that standard utility tractors can’t. This makes them an excellent choice for those with smaller plots of land, smaller storage spaces, or those who crave precision in smaller jobs. Along with their compact size, the standard 4WD and power steering allow you to navigate tight spaces like a pro.


You don’t have to break the bank to get a tractor that works for you. Our compact tractors are more affordable than utility tractors and can hold as much power and durability as the big-body tractors. At Tennessee Tractor, we also offer Build Your Own tractor packages that can give you even more value with additional implements included.

Which series is best for you?

First time tractor owner

If this is your first journey into the tractor world, something that covers the basics is a great place to start. The 1 Series tractors are subcompact tractors that are great for beginners because they are easy to use and are compatible with category 1 implements so you can do more than mow the lawn. With up to 23.9 hp available, it has enough power to properly maintain your residence without breaking a sweat.

Small Farmers and Professional Landscapers

The mighty 3 Series pack enough power and torque to handle more ambitious projects, perfect for small farmers and ambitious landscapers. Choose from the 3E Series, 3D Series, or 3R series. The 3E Series gives you everything you need to perform your job, such as hydrostatic transmission and iMatch compatibility without any extras.  The 3D tractors offer heavy-hauling capabilities to take on big loads. Finally, the 3R Series gives the user a premium experience with exceptional features such as 3-range TwinTouch controls and an optional ComfortGuard cab.

Workers in the field

The 4 Series is the top-dog of compact tractors. With heavy-duty options and up to 65.9 hp available, these tractors can be utilized by farmers, cattlemen, landscapers, and beyond. The powerful Yanmar diesel engine and efficient transmission options allow the 4 Series to tackle intense jobs with excellent performance. Also, the heavy-duty options have category 1 and 2 implement compatibility as well as four work lights so you can amp up your productivity.

If you are in the West Tennessee area and looking for a compact tractor, come to Tennessee Tractor and we’ll pair you up with your perfect match. We have a team of dedicated professionals ready to assist you so you can bring your project to life. Contact us or visit your nearest Tennessee Tractor today!

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