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Best Implements for 5 Series Tractors

Looking to get the most out of your John Deere utility tractor while trying to figure out which implements would be most beneficial for your farm? The best implements for your operation largely depend on the type of work you’ll be doing. We’ve put together a list that lines out some of the most popular implements for 5 Series tractors and breaks down how they can make your job easier. The ones listed are great for both small hobby farms and large-scale production farms.

Front End Loader & Material Bucket

Arguably the most useful implement is the front-end loader. Without having a front-end loader, you’ll be forfeiting a lot of your tractor’s functionality. They are required to use most front-end attachments. You might be wondering why we grouped the front-end loader and material bucket together. These two implements are generally purchased together because material buckets are extremely versatile and a staple on most operations. Having a material bucket allows you to scoop and haul a variety of materials such as dirt, gravel, and other supplies.

Rotary Cutter and/or Grooming Mower

If maintaining pastures and clearing overgrowth are on the list of jobs you’ll be taking on with your utility tractor, owning a rotary cutter is a must. Rotary cutters, sometimes referred to as brush hogs, are made to cut back overgrown grass and weeds. They can make quick work of cleaning up trails and mowing down pastures.

Like rotary cutters, grooming mowers are great for taking care of large areas. However, they are designed for very different jobs. If your tasks include maintaining turf or other manicured grass areas, investing in a grooming mower would be a good idea. These mowers leave the grass with a very clean finish.

Box Blade

Box blades are a necessity for anyone who will be spreading gravel and dirt. They can be used to make new dirt paths as well as grade and level driveways. The scarifier shanks on the box blade rip through bumps in the pathways to create a smooth surface so you don’t have to deal with a washboard driveway.

Root Grapple

If you have wooded land on your property, a root grapple would be a huge help when you’re cleaning up fallen limbs. The heavy-duty design of these grapples allows you to easily scoop up downed branches and haul them off without ever having to get out of the tractor. It’s important to make sure your tractor has some counterweight before picking up heavy branches so your tractor can properly handle the load.

Bale Spear

This one is for the equestrian, hay, and cattle farmers. John Deere’s bale spears offer you the flexibility you need. With options for front and rear spears, you can maximize your trips and time. The rugged tubular design is built with strength and longevity in mind. The heaviest bales can be hauled time after time.

This list just begins to scratch the surface of all the implement options we offer. John Deere and Frontier have hundreds of implements and attachments you can choose from. Give us a call or swing by one of our Tennessee Tractor dealerships if you would like more information on available implements or if you would like to make a purchase. We are here to make sure you have what you need to be productive.

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