XUV Gators 


  John Deere XUV Gators

Take your day to the next level with these nimble and versatile utility vehicles from John Deere! Offering affordable 4WD with two different frame sizes to better fit your needs, these Crossover UTVs combine the best in affordability and quality. 

Versatile Cargo Bed

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A fully functional cargo bed with a pickup style tailgate, 20 different tie-down points, and sidewalls that can be both extended or removed. Haul up to 1200 pounds of total payload.

Off-Road Ready

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Rugged off-road components, including a 4 wheel independent suspension, adjustable coil-over shocks, solid anti-roll bar and anti-dive front suspension. Drive anywhere with confidence!

Powerful Engine

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High-powered two cylinder engines provide 16 or 32 horsepower. Thats enough to carry the John Deere XUV Gator to a top speed of almost 45 mph. 


A Place For Everything!

The John Deere XUV Gator has tons of storage. From the huge rear cargo box, to the multiple small tool boxes and hideaways, the Gator has a place for everything. Make the best use of the cargo box by checking out options like extendable sidewalls and interior dividing walls. With the 20 available tie down points, you'll be able to keep your cargo in place, no matter how unwieldy it gets. 



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