Three STIHL Products Your Yard Shouldn’t Go Without


Three STIHL Products Your Yard Shouldn’t Go Without


At Tennessee Tractor, we want to make sure you have a yard you’re proud of. That’s why we carry a wide range of STIHL equipment to ensure all of your landscaping, construction, and gardening needs are taken care of. Keep reading to see the top three STIHL products we love the most, and be sure to check out our website to see which products will upgrade your land!



Perfect for keeping leaves, clippings, and other yard debris under control, these blowers are perfect for both small acres of lots and larger acres of land. STIHL Blowers were designed for efficiency, exceptional power, and simplicity. We offer both battery and electric blowers, and models that range from homeowner status to professional status. Check out all of our available options on our website!

STIHL Blower model photo



Created to keep your land well-groomed, these STIHL trimmers tame weeds and remove tough brush. With multiple models offered to meet various different needs, you will be able to find the one best fit for your land. Whether you choose from electric, battery, or gasoline-powered models, you’ll be guaranteed a reliable product that will give you results you can be proud of. STIHL trimmers also include features like interchangeable cutting heads, solid, durable constructions, and anti-vibration technology for enhanced comfort and customer satisfaction. Click here to browse through all of our options here at Tennessee Tractor!

Hedge Trimmers 

If you need to take care of overgrown shrubs and bushes, these STIHL hedge trimmers deliver quiet and reliable performance. These battery-powered models are great for both daily use and once-a-season use. Designed specifically for the user’s comfort, these hedge trimmers guarantee the cutting power you need. Click here to see all of the STIHL hedge trimmers Tennessee Tractor offers!

STIHL Hedge Trimmer model photo


Tennessee Tractor has several locations throughout Tennessee, including Jackson, Brownsville, Ripley, and more. Be sure to contact us to speak with one of our experts, or come by for a visit. We look forward to setting you up with the equipment your land needs!