John Deere Gators for Sale in Trenton, TN 


John Deere Gators for Sale in Trenton, TN

If you’re looking for an all-around utility vehicle, there is no more capable platform than the John Deere Gator. With dozens of models across three different lines, there’s a John Deere Gator model for everyone. The landscaper, rancher and performance enthusiast can all find a Gator that works perfectly for them. If you’re looking for a John Deere Gator for sale in Trenton, TN, then drop by your local Tennessee Tractor location today and see the wide variety of Gators we have available.


Traditional Gators

The Traditional Gators are at home on the worksite, wherever that might be. Designed to provide huge hauling and towing capacities, these powerful utility vehicles come in a number of different drivetrain configurations to meet the demands of your work. You can choose gas, diesel and even electric engines in 2x4, 4x4 and 6x4 drivetrain configurations. Every model features a rugged cargo bed and total hauling capacities of up to 1600 pounds. With removable side walls, or available side wall extenders, you’ll be able to handle cargo of any size. The hydraulic assisted bed dump and pickup style tailgate make loading and unloading super easy.

Crossover Gators

John Deere Crossover Gators are by far the most popular Gators on the market. By combining the hauling and cargo capacity of the traditional Gators with off-road capabilities, they present owners with a vehicle of unmatched versatility. Because they don’t sacrifice much in the way of total hauling capacity to go off-road, they make excellent choices for farmers and ranchers who might need to transport heavy equipment across unpaved trails and countryside. With top speeds approaching 45 mph, they can get across those pastures quickly too. Crossover Gators also come in two different frame sizes. The medium size offers traditional 2 and 4 seater layouts, while the large frame also offers the innovative 3 across seating style that allows you to transport more people without sacrificing bed space to do it. 

High Performance Gators

High Performance Gators are made to do just that. These are adventure vehicles for people enjoy tackling an off-road, backwoods experience. They feature an Italian designed motorcycle engine with tops speeds of up to 60 mph and a suspension built with FOX Racing parts. These Gators are built to handle any off-road terrain you can throw at them and with a cargo box still capable of holding 400 pounds of gear, you’ll be able to carry all the equipment with you that you need for your weekend adventures. 

No matter what you’re looking for out of a Gator utility vehicle, Tennessee Tractor in Trenton has the model for you. Swing by today!