John Deere Gator XUV for Sale in Jackson, TN 


John Deere Gator XUV for Sale in Jackson, TN

If you are looking for a vehicle to haul heavy loads, maintain operations, or manage property near Jackson, TN, Tennessee Tractor has the solution for you. The John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles were built with the user in mind. You’ll be able to enjoy more power and comfort when you drive any one of the John Deere XUVs. Keep reading to learn more about which vehicle is right for you! Be sure to check out our website to request a quote.

The Work Series

This reliable, heavy-hauling vehicle will be your right-hand man in the field. With a cargo capacity of 1,200-lbs, you’ll be able to load anything up. The Work Series offers plenty of different options so you can find the vehicle that was made for you. The models include 2WD, 4WD, and 6-wheel design, and also allow you to choose between a gas, diesel, or electric engine. The choice is yours!

The Mid-Size Crossover XUVs

Built to be small yet powerful, the John Deere Crossover XUVs are perfect for transportation, property management, and a little bit of fun. With a cargo capacity of 600-lbs, these models offer plenty of weight for farmers, hunters, and trail riders. The Mid-Size Crossovers all have 4WD, and include models that offer both 2 and 4 passenger seats.

Full-Size Crossover XUVs 

The Full-Size Crossover XUVs are meant for heavy-lifting. With the largest towing capacity of 2,000-lbs, these XUV models will take you anywhere. A/C and heating are included on some models, letting you choose between 2, 3, and 4 passenger seats. 

Whether you are planning to farm, hunt, manage, golf, transport, or work, the John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles will get the job done. Our staff here at Tennessee Tractor is ready to help find the best vehicle for you, so contact us today! We are conveniently located in Jackson, TN.