John Deere 5E Tractors for Sale in Jackson, TN


John Deere 5E Tractors for Sale in Jackson, TN

The John Deere 5E Utility Tractor Series offers core functionality without any unnecessary costs to producers, landscape contractors, and property owners. With 6 models ranging from 50 to 100 HP, the 5E Series works hard so you don’t have to. Comfort and visibility run hand-in-hand with the 5E tractors, utilizing maximum productivity for the operator. Search for available 5E models on our website here, or contact us at Tennessee Tractor in Jackson, TN to talk to one of our experts. 



Including a basic gear transmission with synchronized shifting, the John Deere 5E Series will get the job done. The 5E tractors can lift a ton and a half with a 3 point hitch, and offer greater pulling power to handle more intensive work. The John Deere PowerTech turbocharged diesel engine is equipped with an automatic regeneration system requiring no interaction nor the need to be parked during normal operating temperatures. 

One of the most attractive qualities of the John Deere 5E Series is its user-friendly components. On the 5E 3-Cylinder tractors, repositioned controls are now closer to the operator while visibility is 14% greater thanks to the newly-designed hood. The steering components are protected behind the front axle from hidden obstructions, giving the operator peace of mind.

John Deere 5E


Built with economy in mind, the 5E Utility Tractors offers a lower cost of ownership than comparable tractors. Less routine maintenance is required for the 5E series, meaning fewer costs required. Because of the John Deere 5E’s hydraulic brakes, operators never need to worry about adjusting them. The fuel-saving PTO means less cost of fuel and more efficient operations. 

The John Deere 5E Utility Tractor Series is perfect for those who just need a little bit more power. Without sacrificing simplicity, the 5E Series offers better productivity and more comfort than comparable tractors. View our available 5045E, 5055E, 5065E, 5075E, and 5085E models or call us at (731)-668-8792 with any questions. We’d be happy to let you test drive any tractors here at Tennessee Tractor in Jackson, TN. Click here for directions!