John Deere 1025R for Sale in Jackson, TN


John Deere 1025R for Sale in Jackson, TN

John Deere’s 1025R compact utility tractors are some of the most efficient small tractors in the market. If you are looking for a machine that’s small enough to use around the yard yet still capable of doing a wide variety of tasks, the 1025R tractors are likely a good fit for you. They are designed to optimize user comfort and efficiency. While developing this tractor, John Deere asked users what their ideal small tractor would be like and then turned their ideas into reality. Check out some of the most defining features.
1025R Gardening

Convenience and Comfort

With user comfort as one of the primary focuses when designing the John Deere 1025R compact utility tractor, everything about this tractor was designed to make being productive easy and hassle-free. The hand controls are color colored and conveniently located within hands reach next to the fenders. The TwinTouchTM pedals provide you with easy control over the direction and speed. These tractors are equipped with adjustable deluxe suspension seats and tilting steering wheels so you can adjust them however is most comfortable for you. To make these even easier to operate, they come with standard cruise control and a deluxe lighting kit to keep you running all day long. As the icing on this already feature-packed machine, the 1025R tractors are available with an optional, factory-installed, heated cab so you can use it year-round regardless of what the weather is like.


With numerous implement and attachment options, the John Deere 1025R is equipped to tackle a variety of tasks.  One of the most popular implements is the Drive-Over AutoConnectTM Mid-Mount Mower Deck. You can hook up this mower deck in less than 20 seconds. All you have to do is drive over the mower deck and it automatically connects. That’s it, no getting off to put down ramps or connect the PTO. It’s really that easy. Aside from mowing your lawn, these machines are also great for hauling landscaping material, leveling your driveway, tilling a garden space, and many other tasks. When equipped with John Deere’s Quik-KnectTM and iMatchTM Quick-Hitch, you can quickly and easily hook up rear implements.


John Deere 1025R

  • Engine power: 23.9 hp

  • Power take-off power: 17.2 hp

  • Hitch type: Limited Category 1

  • Lift capacity: 758 lb

  • Transmission: Hydrostatic - two range

John Deere 1025R
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