Irrigation Division


Valley Performance Premiere Dealers

Each year, Valley customers complete surveys on the performance of their local Valley dealers in three key areas: serviceparts, and sales. Through our growers' voices, as well as through other activities and continued education, top-performing Valley dealers are elevated to the prestigious tiers of our Performance Program. The Performance Program dealer status isn't decided by Valley, it's decided by what our growers say.

In addition, each year, Valley® Irrigation recognizes its dealers who have surpassed expectations. These are dealers who have shown a commitment to bettering their business, from brand to customer service, and from product offerings to in-store display. Valley distinguishes three levels of dealers in its Dealer Performance Program: Performance, Performance Plus and Performance Premier.

In January 2016, Valley applauded six Valley dealerships for achieving Performance Premier status – those that excel at the highest level. Among those 6 dealerships, Tennessee Tractor was recognized as the “Cream of the Crop”.

In order for dealerships to reach the Performance Premier status, which is the top-tier designation, they must demonstrate extraordinary focus on service, aftermarket support and sales. These dealers focus on include an unrelenting commitment to in-season service and off-season preventative maintenance programs, high levels of professionalism in design capabilities, full service offerings, providing technology expertise and guidance to their customers, and going the extra mile for their customers.


About Valley Dealers 

When your center pivot stops in the heat of a dry summer threatening your crop yield, you can trust that your Valley® dealer has the education and technology necessary to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. Known for their legendary service, Valley dealers deliver the highest standards of sales and support for your business. Spend your time running your operation, not running around town.

Valley dealers know how important your time is, so let our factory-trained dealer technicians assist with your irrigation needs. Dealer service personnel are trained in:

  • Technology products
  • Technicians are certified annually by Valley
  • Valley dealers have an extensive spare parts inventory
  • Select dealerships offer turnkey solutions, from pump to pivot
  • Select dealerships use GPS service rigs to work more efficiently, saving time and miles
  • Only Valley dealers have the experience to service all brands of irrigation equipment

Valley Dealers are Extensively Trained in These Topics:

  • The latest Valley products Machine design for your operation
  • Sprinkler package design
  • Control panel operation and programming
  • Machine winterization and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

To keep our dealers in tip-top shape, Valley offers continuing education opportunities across the country during the off-season. These schools and specialized events offer an intensive combination of online lessons, classroom-style teaching, and hands-on practice for both the beginning and advanced dealer. The curriculum changes to address current trends or issues in the irrigation industry, competitive information, and advances in technology. But our dealers aren't just getting new skills from Valley, they are also attending business and technical seminars held by accredited institutions to ensure they have the latest skills and techniques needed to provide you with outstanding customer service.







Valley Certified Preventative Maintenance Programs For All Your Center Pivots

One Star Program $30/ Drive Unit (Add $10 for a Pivot Point & $85 for a Corner Arm)


Pivot Point / Incoming Power Checks:

Visually check pivot connectors for arching
Placement of screens / shields on generator, pump panel and electric pump motors


Drive Unit Checks:


Inspect wheel gearbox input and output seals
Proper tightness of gearbox mounting bolts
Visually inspect gear motor seals
Motor lead cable condition and properly secured
Inspect all span balls and socket joints
Proper tightness of wheel lug nuts
Inspect towable base beams for structural integrity
Check towable hubs for wear
Inspect U-Joints



Spans / Alignment Checks:

Visual inspection of nuts / bolts and structural members
Control arm is clear of obstacles
Visually inspect tower box connectors
Inspect tower box connectors for damage and proper latching


Two Star Program

$40/ Drive Unit (Add $10 for a Pivot Point & $85 for a Corner Arm) INCLUDES ALL ONE STAR PROGRAM CHECKS PLUS:

Pivot Point / Incoming Power Checks:

Grease point swivel
Collector ring electrical connections and drainage
Drain pivot and spans 
Anchor bolts or chains
Pivot point nuts and bolts for proper tightness
Running light operation check
Inspection for ground rod at each tow location
Air pressure in towable pivot tires
Visual inspection for proper equipment grounding
Electrical connections: control panel and cord connectors
Proper size fuses
Proper installation of incoming power wires
Proper installation of auxiliary contacts on main disconnect
Operation of pump shutdown circuit
Relays are securely seated in socket bases

Cables are securely seated in connectors


Spans / Alignment Checks: 

Span pipe drains inspected / seals flipped over
Pull stand trap, drain, clean and reinstall
Drain booster pump
Grounding between towers
Check safety shutdown
Inspect tower box for any loose wire connections and cord connectors
Drive Unity Checks: Check oil and drain water in wheel and center drive gearboxes
Check gearbox ventilation hole in expansion chamber
Inspect drive shaft shield placement
Tire air pressure
Grease towable hubs


Three Star Program

$50/ Drive Unit (Add $10 for a Pivot Point & $85 for a Corner Arm) INCLUDES ALL ONE STAR AND TWO STAR PROGRAM CHECKS PLUS:

Pivot Point / Incoming Power Checks:

Inspect collector ring brushes
Inspect condition of pivot riser pipe gasket seal
Generator belts for proper tension


Drive Unit Checks:

Flex joint boot condition and tighten bands as required
Gearbox output shaft bearings and backlash
End-of-field stop and auto-reverse proper cam adjustments
Inspect connections in center dr junctions box and drain holes


Spans / Alignment Checks:

Power cable condition
Tower box bearings for proper cam movement
Proper safety micro switch position
Overhang cable inspection
Visually check and re-align the machine if needed




Call Tennessee Tractor at (731) 779-1275 to schedule a thorough inspection, perform preventative maintenance or winterize your equipment today!