Best Attachments for Compact Construction Equipment in Tennessee

Best Attachments for Compact Construction Equipment in Tennessee

Compact Construction Equipment can open you up to a world of opportunities for whatever project you are working on. CCE is some of the most versatile equipment you can own because it can adapt to multiple small-scale applications with the right attachments. Whether you have a skid steer, compact excavator, compact wheel loader, or compact track loader, all CCE is compatible with dozens of different attachments to help you complete your job successfully. With so many options, it can be difficult to find the right one for the job. Fear no more because Tennessee Tractor has the ultimate guide to tell you the best attachments for your compact construction equipment according to your job.

For gathering and loading materials...

For excavation tasks...


Before you get any other attachment this should be the first on your list. With multiple types of buckets available, this is your ultimate tool to load and transport loose materials such as soil, dirt, rocks, and more. We offer multi-purpose buckets, side-discharge buckets, rock buckets, and rollout buckets.


Most common in jobsite or warehouse settings, pallet forks are a common tool to use to gather and transport items such as boxes, pallets, or other materials from point A to point B. There are also nursery forks which are commonly used to transport smaller items such as burlapped trees and balled trees.


If you are a farmer that works with large quantities of hay, owning a bale spear is a necessity. Bale spears provide a secure way of handling hay bales by puncturing the bales with two spears to transport them to their proper location. The spears are built for a long work-life and offer optimal visibility with their low-profile design.


In many construction projects drilling deep into the ground to install certain devices is an unskippable step. There are many attachments for certain types of digging but augers are best suited for digging deep small holes for things like deck posts, fences, telephone poles, and more. John Deere offers sizes that range from 24-36 inches in diameter..


One of the most common digging tools for construction equipment are backhoes. Most commonly used with excavators, this attachment is used to dig wide range holes for a number of tasks that could be applicable on a jobsite, farm, or even your own backyard. Our backhoes also have a 180-degree swing that provides efficiency in confined areas.

For clearing land...



Grapples will most likely be needed in any job that involves moving and clearing large objects from the scene. Grapples consist of claw-like fixtures that grasp onto items for rigid and secure handling. Scrap grapples come in handy for cleaning up scrap (of course), recycled material, or other materials. Rock grapples are best for moving items such as trees, branches, rocks and brush.

Dozer Blades

When you have eliminated all the big stuff from the jobsite and have debris leftover, a dozer blade can finish the job. With reversible cutting edges, dozer blades can scrape up dirt, soil, and other debris away from the scene. This will leave you with a smooth and clear surface.

With all these attachment options, there is no excuse to not get the job done quickly and efficiently. Don’t waste any more time and put your CCE to work with the best attachments for the job. Don’t see what you need on the list? Contact us, and we’ll direct you to what you need.