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The vast and beautiful land of Tennessee is home to many kinds of agriculture and livestock operations, and over 45,000 of those operations are for cattle. Raising and herding cattle takes a major commitment from ranchers and requires much diligence and strength. Fortunately, John Deere equipment can make running these operations much smoother. John Deere tractors, along with select implements, can make the necessary tasks of running a cattle ranch as seamless as possible. Tennessee Cattle Ranchers can take care of hay duties, manure management, clean up, and more with the help of John Deere tractors and implements.

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As stated previously, the duties of managing a cattle ranch require much strength, and the right John Deere tractor supplies all the power to get the job done. The 6 Series tractors are an excellent choice for cattle ranchers due to their efficient horsepower capabilities. You can enjoy the premium power and comfort that comes with the 6R models (110 - 250 HP) or the mid-spec 6M tractors equipped with Intelligent Power Management (IPM) for a boost in rear power take-off. If you are looking for a smaller frame tractor that has as much power as it has maneuverability, the 4 Series Heavy Duty options can also deliver.


Front-End Loaders

Front-end loaders are universal implements that can be used on just about any operation, including cattle ranches. When you attach a bucket, grapple, or fork to your front-end loader, you can take care of loading materials, manure cleanup, debris cleanup, as well as other maintenance tasks that come with taking care of your property.

Mower Conditioner or Disc Mower

Odds are if you are raising cattle you are also producing your own hay for the cattle. When it’s time to cut the hay you produced the best way to get the job done is through a Disc Mower or Mower Conditioner. Disc Mowers use small discs to thoroughly cut the hay. Mower Conditioners go the extra mile by cutting the hay and then putting it through a conditioning process to promote moisture evaporation and faster drying times. 

Square or Round Baler

Once your hay is ready to be gathered, you’ll need a baler to get it done. You can choose between a square baler or a round baler. A round baler is typically the more cost-efficient choice since it allows you to bale, store, and feed all the hay within one machine. 

Bale Spear

Bale spears make moving and handling your bales of hay a breeze. This will be a task that is required a lot when providing feed for your cattle. You can use the Front Bale Spear and also the 3-point Bale Spear attached to the rear end of your tractor to double efficiency. 

Post-Hole Digger

Your cows should be free to roam often, but you’ll need a fence to keep them contained. Connect your tractor to a post-hole digger implement to drill holes deep enough to install your fence. It’s simple and easy to use, requiring less effort on your end than the hand tool.

Manure Spreader

Handling manure is another thing that comes with herding livestock. Luckily, manure is an excellent natural fertilizer that you can use for your crops. With a manure spreader, you can take your composted manure and spread it onto your fields to keep the great cycle of life going. 

Precision Ag

Another reason cattle ranchers choose John Deere tractors is because of the innovative Precision Ag technology that can be used with the equipment. With the Precision Ag tools available you can increase your output, reduce downtime, and add more convenience to your operation. Harvest Lab 3000 allows you to measure moisture, protein, starch, and more, as well as measure the length of cut for your hay. With JD Link you can upload and access all of the critical data about your equipment online. You can also move data from and to your machines from your phone or device. There are several other precision ag tools available that can come in handy for increasing the productivity of your operation. For more details, contact our Integrated Solutions Group to learn more.

It takes real commitment and grit to run a cattle ranch but John Deere tractors can make it much easier. See why Tennessee’s cattle ranchers choose John Deere by trying out some of our equipment today!

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