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Tennessee is no stranger to hunting enthusiasts. In fact, the state has some of the best hunting grounds in the country. With miles of prosperous land and an abundance of whitetail deer, bears, and turkey, Tennessee is the wildlife enthusiast’s playground. To make the most of your hunting adventures, you need equipment that is as ready as you are. John Deere has some of the best equipment for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts to navigate the woods of Tennessee and catch game, big and small. 

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Using John Deere Equipment to Find Wildlife

When going into the wild to catch and hunt prey, you need a tough and durable vehicle to get around. The Mid-Size or Full-Size Crossover Gators are the ideal choice for this task. These utility vehicles navigate the rugged terrain of the wilderness seamlessly thanks to their impeccable four-wheel independent suspension and precision-engineered drive system. Gators also have plenty of storage space available for hunting tools in the featured large and durable cargo box. 

The Mid-Size Crossover Gators have 2- and 4-seat passenger options and a 500 lb. cargo capacity. The Full-Size Crossover Gators have room for 3 to 4 passengers and have an increased cargo capacity of 4000 lbs. They also feature power steering and sealed cab options with heat and A/C. These Gators are ideal for hunting in challenging conditions such as mountains and uneven grounds.

Using John Deere Equipment to Bring the Wildlife to You

Another option for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts is to just let the wildlife come to you. This can be done by planting a food plot on your property. Starting a food plot can be a great option cause it not only attracts game all year round but also because the state of Tennessee doesn't require a license to hunt on your property. 

All you need to start a food plot is a John Deere compact tractor and a few essential implements. If you are starting a food plot that is less than ½ an acre, the 3038E compact tractor is an excellent choice. It has a sufficient amount of horsepower to pull the right implements, and the hydrostatic transmission improves the tractor’s performance. For larger food plots, the 4 Series tractors are better suited for the task. While they are still considered small tractors, they have loads of power to pull bigger implements and cover more ground faster. Along with your preferred tractor, you will need the following implements:

Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is useful for a variety of hunting and wildlife attraction tasks. You can use your rotary cutter to clear pathways and trails for your UTV, remove bush and grass for your food plot, or manage weeds in overgrown plots.

Disk Harrow or Rotary Tiller

To prepare your seedbed for planting, you will need to perform some tillage. The disk does an excellent job of breaking up large clods, leveling the soil, and leaving behind a rough surface. The rotary tiller also does a nice job of breaking up the soil by using rotating tines to break up the soil, leaving a fine and smooth seedbed.


Before and after you spread your seed, use a cultipacker implement to level out the soil and make the seedbed as firm as possible. This will give your plot optimal growth.

Broadcast Spreader

A spreader makes putting down seeds much easier than doing it by hand. You can cover a good amount of soil in little time and use it for fertilizer and lime as well.


A sprayer is an easy and effective way to spray herbicides to control weeds and brush.

John Deere has plenty of equipment options that can upgrade your hunting experience. Whether you travel into the forest with your Crossover Gator or start a food plot close to home with your compact tractor, the process becomes much more enjoyable. If you have any additional questions about John Deere’s equipment for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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