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A tractor has much potential for the amount of work it can do but implements are what make it happen. Tractors are paired with implements to help users fulfill a variety of tasks. The tasks can range from small things like mowing your property or heavy-duty tasks such as baling hay. The more PTO horsepower your tractor has the stronger the implements it can pull. Adding a few essential implements to your fleet will help maximize efficiency in your operation and get things done without hassle. Here are a number of essential implements you’ll need to get things done in your operation.

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Implements for Mowing

Grooming Mower

If you’re trying to get a nice and clean cut on a residential or commercial property with turf grass a grooming mower can do the job. This is an ideal option for people with a lot of land and acres to cover that might not be feasible for a traditional mower.

Rotary Cutter

For rough areas like pastures that have long and thick grass, you need a rotary cutter to get things nice and neat. Rotary cutters have more powerful and sharper blades than a mower which allows them to cut wilder vegetation.

Implements for Landscaping/Property Management

Box Blade

If you are looking to tidy up some areas around your property, a box blade can be a great tool to have. The scarifier blades are used to dig up ground while another blade smooths the surface.

This can come in handy for many tasks including leveling out land, creating roads and paths, or even spreading material. 

Rear Blade

A rear blade is another implement that is great for grading and leveling tasks. Instead of two blades like the box blade, the rear blade has only one that is used to scrape off the surface of ground material. This can be useful for digging pitches, grading a driveway, and more.

Front End Loader

A loader is one of the first implements you should have for your tractor. It is one of the implements that are very versatile being that you can connect different attachments for many purposes. It is most commonly paired with a bucket which can be helpful to load and unload material. But you can also attach a pallet fork or other tools to handle and lift a variety of items.

Post-Hole Digger

Many DIY projects can require a little digging. The post-hole digger makes the process simple with its auger that can dig deep holes in seconds. This is excellent for tasks like building a fence, installing a pole, or planting a tree.

Implements for Gardening

Rotary Tiller

If you want a healthy and thriving garden, a rotary tiller is a must-have. Tillers help prepare the soil for planting in the spring or planting a cover crop in the fall with their rotating tines that dig deep into the soil. This generates better airflow in the soil so your crops can get all the nutrients they need.

Broadcast Spreader

When you have a large amount of ground to cover for your garden, a broadcast spreader can be a lifesaver. The spreader uses a hopper and a spinning wheel to spread loose material such as fertilizer, seed, or even salt for icy snow days.

This is only the start of your implement collection, there are hundreds of helpful Frontier implements you can pair with your John Deere tractor to slash your workload in half. If you want to see what else is in store don’t hesitate to pay us a visit at your local Tennessee Tractor.

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