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Owning several implements is a sure-fire way to pump up the productivity around your land. But owning implements that can do several jobs on their own is a sure-fire way to get the most bang for your buck. A common misconception about tractor implements is they are only capable of doing one job. However, it is possible for certain implements to be capable of performing an array of tasks. At Tennessee Tractor we have compiled a list of the most versatile tractor implements you can pair with your compact tractor.

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  1. Tractor Loader

This implement is number one for a reason. Before you get anything else, you need to get a compatible loader for your compact. A loader is both essential and versatile because you can add additional attachments to this implement that are useful for many kinds of work. The most common addition that you will often see paired with a loader is a material bucket which allows you to load, dump, and scrape up loose materials like soil, dirt, and gravel. There are many other front loader attachments that can be useful such as a pallet fork, debris grapples, and more. 

  1. Grapples

Everything can’t be scooped up with a bucket, sometimes you need a more direct approach. That is where grapples come in. Grapples come in handy for material collection because unlike buckets, grapples have the ability to grab and clench items so they won't fall out of place. This is ideal for picking up items like tree branches, bushes, or big rocks. They also can be used for small demolitions and even digging.

  1. Blades

There are multiple types of blades you can use with your compact tractor but the most versatile are the rear blade and box blade. First, let’s discuss the rear blade. Rear blades can be angled in different directions making them useful for multiple tasks such as smoothing out a driveway, ditch maintenance, or other grading and leveling jobs. Box blades are a bit more complex, composed of scarifier teeth in the front that break material down and a blade in the back that smooths over material. This is useful for backfilling, grading and leveling.

  1. Pallet Fork

Along with the grapples and bucket, a pallet fork can be used to pick up items but they are also useful for much more. In addition to its common use of lifting pallets, it can also be used to move other large items like tree branches and boxes as well as digging and transporting items. A pallet fork is a great implement to have because it is both versatile and inexpensive, giving you much value for less.

  1. Spreader

Last on the list we have something that might surprise some but that is the broadcast spreader. Even though it is good for one thing, which is spreading, this implement is versatile because it can be used all year round. In the spring you can use it to spread fertilizer to your crop while in the fall you can use it to spread seeds to prepare for harvest. It can also be a big help in the winter by spreading salt, to clear unwanted ice patches. With so many uses, this implement will surely not collect dust for long.

Obtaining these implements will be a great start to your tractor journey. To get additional information about implements for your compact tractor don’t hesitate to contact us at Tennessee Tractor or visit one of our locations today!

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