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When it comes to achieving a quality cut, John Deere offers reliable mowers that leave your yard looking happy and feeling fresh. Easy-to-use controls and customizable features are guaranteed, but each different mower is better suited for different types of yards. Factors like slope, obstacles and size all play a part in which lawn mower to choose. We’ll take a look into the difference between the John Deere lawn tractors and the residential zero-turn mowers. So, what mower do you need, and why?

Lawn Tractor

Because of its basic functionality and value-packed design, lawn tractors tend to be the more affordable of the two types, but they offer plenty of versatility. Typically with fewer control options and a steering wheel, lawn tractors are extremely simple to use, manage and maintain. 

The John Deere E100 Series, in particular, offers models with horsepower ranging from 17.5 to 25, and a Two Pedal Hydrostatic transmission. Its Easy Change 30-Second Oil Change System revolutionizes the process, making oil changes fast and simple. 

The ergonomic operator station includes an adjustable seat while the durable Edge cutting system offers three different sized mower decks. Choose between 42-, 48-, and 54-inch deck widths and expect an even, quality cut. 

One of our favorite advantages of owning a lawn tractor is the vast amount of implements, attachments and accessories available. Making it quite literally a mini tractor, you can add on bags, carts, lights, snow blowers, box scrapers, cultivators and more. With the right attachments, you’ll be able to use this mower year-round for various tasks.

So, who is the lawn tractor built for? 

If you have a large, open yard with hills and few trees or other obstacles, the lawn tractor would be a great choice for you. Because of its range of attachments available, the lawn tractor is also recommended for users who want to take their mower beyond just cutting grass. 

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Zero-Turn Mower

With more bells and whistles, the Zero-Turn Mowers offer simple maneuverability with faster speeds. The two lever steering allows the operator to turn on a dime, making it easier to mow around objects in the yard.

The multiple John Deere ZTrak Series offer plenty of zero-turn mowers ranging from 20 HP to 35 HP. With up to three different seat width sizes and three different mower deck widths, you’re able to customize your mower how you see fit. 

Some of the ZTrak mowers also include High-capacity PRO mower decks, an integrated park brake and multiple seat suspension options to deliver the ultimate mowing experience. 

Each series of the John Deere Ztraks offers higher speeds, with a max of 10 mph. This allows operators to get their jobs done at a faster rate. The simple maneuvering also allows for sharp and precise turns.

The Z300 Series and the Z500 Series each offer different features and options, so be sure to check out which one is most suited to your preferences. 

So, who is the zero-turn mower built for? 

Homeowners with flat, smaller yards or flat yards with many trees and obstacles will find these mowers to work better. It’s recommended not to use a zero-turn mower on hills with a slope greater than 10 degrees, so be sure to take this into consideration. 

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