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Many of us know Gators as the ultimate source for transportation on our land (and who are we kidding- a great source for entertainment too). But if we don’t look past these core capabilities to the great potential these UTVs hold for our operations, we are missing out on the complete value offered by John Deere. Whether you own a ranch, manage a farm, or maintain landscape, these Gator XUVs offer a wide range of benefits that can save time and lower operating costs. So, what exactly can they do for us?

  1. Collect Field Data

Using Ag Management Solutions, you can get a wealth of data by hooking up a StarFire Receiver and a GreenStar Display to your Gator. With access to tons of data, you’ll be able to efficiently map field boundaries, test soil, and flag obstacles. Save time and increase your knowledge out in the field. 

  1. Act as a Toolshed on Wheels

Despite how sleek it may look, the tailgate was designed for much more than just looks. With a durable cargo box in the back, you’ll be able to load all of your tools up to take on the go so you can be ready for anything out on your land. No more running back and forth from the field to the shop. It’s time to get rid of your downtime. 

  1. Spread Fertilizer and More

Certain John Deere Gator attachments allow you to do more specialized tasks. For example, the Gator Mounted Spreader attaches to any Gator XUV and accomplishes exactly what it says: spreading fertilizer. Make life on medium- to large-sized farms easier by letting your Gator work harder so you can work smarter. 

  1. Go Where Trucks Can’t 

This one seems pretty obvious, but we can’t emphasize its importance enough. With terrain-hugging wheels and a responsive suspension system, you’ll be able to take on uneven paths and rough conditions out in the field. There isn’t a part of your land that couldn’t be accessed with a Gator. 

Gators certainly aren’t the first thing you picture in a fleet lineup. Sure, it won’t mow your land or dig any holes, but it’ll make sure you’ll get more than your money’s worth out of it. Using any of these tips on large operations are bound to make your life a little bit easier and your operation a whole lot more productive. 

Don’t have a Gator XUV? Don’t worry. Out of our endless supply of options, we’re bound to have one that fits your operation down to a T.