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Excavators aren’t included in the typical farm fleet lineup, but should they be? 

Excavators are known for their unrivaled digging job thanks to their exceptional durability and powerful breakout force. But ditching isn’t the only task they can accomplish. With dozens of different sizes and features, the John Deere excavators can each cover a wide variety of tasks while only leaving a small footprint. So, why should you consider a mini excavator for your farm?

  1. Clearing Land

Whether you are clearing land for a new operation or making room for more livestock, an excavator could be your saving grace. With several different attachment options, you can choose the solution best suited for your land. The ripper and grapple are both durable attachments that will be able to get rid of even the toughest tree stumps. 

  1. Mowing and Mulching

With the ability to cut alongside banks and ditches, excavators can go even where tractors cannot. Taking on high reach jobs is one of the excavator’s specialties, and will make any mowing or mulching job a breeze. Attachments like rotary mowers, bush hogs, and flail mowers will be able to take care of your land.

  1. Heavy-Lifting and Stacking

You’ll have no problem lifting on the farm with an excavator. With a large lifting capacity, excavators also allow you to transport and stack with ease. Easy-to-use controls also make for simple maneuverability on your end. Stacking bale has never been so easy. 

  1. Building Fences

We know your days are long as it is. Using an excavator to drill holes for fences can save you serious time and energy. With an auger attachment, you’ll be able to finish in no time with consistent, durable performance. After all, who doesn’t love optimizing time? 

Thanks to the high tech advancements and new features of heavy machinery, the excavator offers endless possibilities for its users. Browse through all of our available models, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!