John Deere Compact Tractors for Sale in Kentucky


John Deere Compact Tractors for Sale in Kentucky

So, you want to buy a tractor but you’re not quite sure where to start. Our John Deere Compact Tractors include four reliable series of tractors that were built to impress. With a strong focus on user comfort, increased efficiency and powerful results, there’s not much that would stand in your way.

The main difference between these tractors is the varying horsepower options, the operating capacity and the features available. The truth is that you can’t go wrong with any of these tractors, but our team at Tennessee Tractor wants to make sure you choose the one that will best benefit your work. We’ll go into detail about each different series so you can get to know them a little better.


What are the differences between each of the John Deere Compact Tractor Series?

John Deere 1025R Tractor mowing the yard

1 Series

22.4 - 23.9 hp

Easy, affordable and compact. What’s not to love? This series is perfect for homeowners who are wanting to step up from a lawnmower. With the ability to mow, level, lift, haul, till and more, you’ll have just enough power to take on jobs around the yard.

Both models in the 1 Series offer a hydrostatic transmission to ensure a job well done. With easy speed and direction changes, you’ll be able to maneuver around trees and into tight corners.

This Series is compatible with the AutoConnect Drive Over mower decks and iMatch Quick-Hitch which means you’ll be able to save precious time when you’re swapping implements.

2038R Compact Tractor working out in the field

2 Series

24.2 - 36.7 hp

These tractors are usually found among homeowners and commercial landscapers. With more power options and a heavier operating capacity, this series is hailed as the ultimate mini landscaper. 

With the same easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission and a powerful, high-torque diesel engine, you’ll find efficiency to be at an all-time high. 

The 2 Series offers everything you’ll find on the 1 Series, like mower deck and iMatch Quick Hitch compatibility, in a larger frame for increased stability. For those who are looking to work year-round, we offer a factory-installed heated cab as well.

3 Series Compact Tractor pulling a box blade and a loader

3 Series

24.7 - 45.3 hp

How does a series within a series sound? This family of tractors offers three different series to choose from: the heavy-hauling 3Ds, the economical 3Es and the premium 3Rs. Don’t get too caught up in the labels though, each tractor offers the same reliable power. 

Choose between a heavy-duty Drive train with a gear drive transmission, stick with the hydrostatic transmission or branch out with the Powr Reverser transmission. You’ll find onboard diagnostics to help you know what your tractor needs, when it needs it. 

This tractor is particularly popular among our small farm and landscape customers. With more power and capabilities at a fraction of the price, you’ll always be looking for more to take on.

4066M Heavy Duty Tractor carrying hay bales with bale spear

4 Series

43.1 - 65.9 hp

Picture those large utility tractors you see on big operations. Take off all of the features and stick them on a smaller, more affordable model. Now, we’d like to introduce you to the 4 Series. 

This Series features the 4M Heavy Duty models which are perfect for front loader work. They each include 4 work lights and are closer to the ground, making them the perfect candidate to take over poultry houses with. 

With models featuring a standard Hydrostatic 3F/3R or an upgraded PowrReversr 12F/12R transmission, you can choose the option that’s best fit for your operation. 

Our heavy-duty models are also compatible with Telescoping Draft Links, making it easier to attach implements to a three-point hitch. The work you do is hard enough, why not make sure your tractor is simple

Give our team a call or stop by Tennessee Tractor for a visit. With stores near Kentucky, we won’t rest until we find the perfect match for you.