John Deere 5 Series for Sale in Martin, TN 


John Deere 5 Series for Sale in Martin, TN

If you run an operation in Martin, TN, you’re probably always looking for a new way to turn productivity up a few notches. With simple technology, exceptional performance, and more features than ever before, the John Deere 5 Series is the one for the job.

We know what you’re thinking. How can we be so sure? Let’s get to know the 5 Series a little bit better.

With three sub-series and several different models available, the 5 Series covers a wide range of customers. Diligent homeowners, dedicated farmers, hard-working producers, and unstoppable landscapers; there’s a solution for each of you. 

The John Deere 5 Series stands out from the rest of the competition for several unique reasons, but we’ll sum it up for you in one sentence: what you give for what you get. 

You’ll get a strong, durable foundation you can rely on, but you’ll also get tons of features as the cherry on top. But these features aren’t just bells and whistles to make it look pretty (although, have you seen it?) These features were designed specifically to increase user comfort, boost efficiency, and produce more output with less input.

A 5075E Utility Tractor collecting logs

5E Utility Tractors

50 to 100 engine hp

5100M Utility Tractor hauling hay bale

5M Utility Tractors

73.8 to 115 engine hp

5115R Utility Tractor with rotary cutter

5R Utility Tractors

90 to 125 engine hp


Popular 5 Series Features That Will Boost Productivity

  1. New AutoTrac Post Display. We get it. Hands-free steering? How can we trust it? John Deere has been engineering and innovating new technologies since the mid-1800s. If you don’t feel like trusting John Deere, how about putting your trust in the thousands of customers who use this feature on their farm every day? Pair with a StarFire Receiver to reduce implement overlap and take on more acres in less time with less fatigue. Available on the 5R models. 

  1. Hard-Working Power Take-Off (PTO). If you’re putting in work, why shouldn’t your tractor be too? The 5E and 5M Series includes a 540 Economy PTO that reduces the engine rpm it takes to pull implements. What exactly does this mean? Lower fuel costs and reduced vibrations. Win-win.

  1. Climate-Controlled Cab. You don’t let much get in your way, so why let the weather? Take on the hot summer or the bitter cold, but stay comfortable while you’re at it. Featuring AC, heat, a blackout visor, and 360 views, you won’t be jeopardizing your visibility. Nothing quite beats a breath of fresh air, so be sure to open a side window for a nice breeze. 

  2. Easy Implement Hook-Up. The 5 Series controls were designed to make your job easier, so don’t stress when it comes to switching out implements. You’ll be able to adjust implements within 0.4 inches, and you’ll have access to adjusting settings like the lowering speed, lateral float, and depth stop. These terms might not mean much to you just yet, so just know they’ll take the hassle out of attaching implements. 



Made to make short days out of a long list of chores, the John Deere 5 Series make great additions to any fleet. With components built to last, you’ll have the chance to produce high-quality results for generations to come. 

Because every tractor needs a little bit of love and care, you’ll have a crew to turn to here at Tennessee Tractor. With a staff that is dedicated to your success, you’ll never be left with unanswered questions or long periods of down-time. 

Interested in learning more about these tractors or about our team? Give us a call or come test drive the John Deere 5 Series for sale here in Martin, TN. You’ll be glad you did.