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John Deere Ag Management Solutions


Precision Ag Technology is changing the farming industry and only John Deere can seamlessly connect you, your equipment, and the insights you need to give you a working advantage. Improve application rates, fuel economy, input placement, and land stewardship with GreenStar™ displays and StarFire™ receivers. This well-supported precision technology can be put to work quickly so you'll get fast results -- and a fast payback.

Precision agriculture aims to optimize field-level management with regard to:

  • crop science: by matching farming practices more closely to crop needs (e.g. fertilizer inputs);
  • environmental protection: by reducing environmental risks and footprint of farming (e.g. limiting leaching of nitrogen);
  • economics: by boosting competitiveness through more efficient practices (e.g. improved management of fertilizer usage and other inputs).

Precision agriculture also provides farmers with a wealth of information to: build up a record of their farm;

  • improve decision-making;
  • foster greater traceability
  • enhance marketing of farm products
  • improve lease arrangements and relationship with landlords
  • enhance the inherent quality of farm products (e.g. protein level in bread-flour wheat

Precision agriculture is a four-stage process using techniques to observe spatial variability through:

  1. The Geolocation of Data: Geolocating a field enables the farmer to overlay information gathered from analysis of soils and residual nitrogen, and information on previous crops and soil resistivity. Geolocation is done in two ways:
  2. The Characterization of Variability: Intra and inter-field variability may result from a number of factors. These include climatic conditions, soils, cropping practices, weeds and disease. Permanent indicators—chiefly soil indicators—provide farmers with information about the main environmental constants. Point indicators allow them to track a crop’s status. This information may come from weather stations and other sensors. Soil resistivity measurements combined with soil analysis make it possible to precisely map agro-pedological conditions.
  3. The Decision Making Process On How To Deal With Variability: Using soil maps, farmers can pursue two strategies to adjust field inputs:
  • Predictive approach: based on analysis of static indicators (soil, resistivity, field history, etc.) during the crop cycle.
  • Control approach: information from static indicators is regularly updated during the crop cycle by sampling, remote sensing, proxy-detection, and aerial or satellite remote sensing.
  • And The Implementation of Practices to Address Variability: New information and communication technologies (NICT) make field-level crop management more operational and easier to achieve for farmers. Application of crop management decisions calls for agricultural equipment that supports variable-rate technology. Precision agriculture uses positioning system technology, geographic information systems and variable-rate farming equipment to address variability.

John Deere Guidance Systems

Take Guidance to the Next Level

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Choose the Guidance Accuracy You Want with StarFire

With guidance technology from John Deere you can upgrade your accuracy whenever you like on a step-by-step basis – regardless of the equipment you use. It’s easy. It all starts with a StarFire Receiver. You can choose the accuracy you need, ranging from plus-or-minus 9 inches (good enough for many broad acre applications) down to sub-inch accuracy with RTK.

With our StarFire receivers you choose from 4 kinds of GPS signal for the ultimate in scalable performance:

  1. EGNOS Signal* a good option for operators using guidance technology for the first time.
  2. SF1 Signal the next step up on the accuracy scale and an excellent starting point for Tillage, Spraying and Grassland applications.
  3. SF2 Signal for operations that require more accuracy than SF1. Excellent for Tillage, harvesting, Spraying, Seeding, planting and Mowing.
  4. RTK Signal the highest possible guidance accuracy. Excellent for Planting row crops, Bedding, Seeding, Strip till and drip tape and Any controlled traffic operation.

Choose A GreenStar Display

As your business grows, so do your challenges. That’s why it makes sense to invest in a display that has the future built right in. Our GreenStar displays give you full monitoring and control over all the solutions you use in your John Deere tractor, baler, combine or sprayer. Our displays are easy to understand and use and are packed with all the power and features you need for years of high-end productivity. From documentation and performance, monitoring to guidance, and advanced ISOBUS capabilities, our GreenStar displays set new standards for convenience, comfort and efficiency.

GreenStar displays allow you to run AutoTrac, as well as a host of other precision farming applications. Press a button, and let AutoTrac take over the steering. Grab the wheel or touch the brakes at any time to resume control. It’s literally that easy. What’s more, you can take advantage of AutoTrac on older machines and some competitive machines with AutoTrac Universal and AutoTrac Controller.

From there, John Deere Machine Sync allows a combine operator to automatically control the location of a tractor and grain cart while unloading on-the-go,which is not only a time-saver, it lets you put more grain in the cart, with less spillage.

And with the addition of Coverage Map Sharing and Guidance line sharing, you can run multiple machines in the same field at the same time with precision accuracy. Ideal for planting and harvest tasks.

Manage Your Information

The products you rely on in the field are designed to capture valuable on-the-go data and transfer it to management software you can use to make smarter decisions back at the office. This benefits contractors and producers by documenting, detailing and analyzing fuel usage and machine performance,  getting timely machine/field info, stopping downtime before it starts, increasing machine/operator productivity, and covering more acreage (and therefore serving more customers) in less time.

Manage Your Machine Remotely

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Logging on to the JDLink Website gives you connectivity at your fingertips. View all equipment or one single machine to keep informed of equipment location.

Industry Exclusive Service ADVISOR™ Remote

Service ADVISOR™ Remote uses the JDLink™ telematics system to communicate with off-site machines to perform initial diagnostics. (Some vehicle controllers may not be compatible).

An All-make, All-Model Solution

If you have older John Deere or non-John Deere equipment, you can still stay informed on machine logistics and alerts. JDLink Select is compatible with any 12-V or 24-V DC power source.

An Increase In Uptime with Remote Display Access&trade

Remote Display Access gives you and your dealer (with your permission) the ability to view an operator’s GS3 2630 Display remotely, to improve communication and resolve problems faster.

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Keep an eye on your assets on the go

Remotely connect to all JDLink™ machines with the JDLink App for iPhone®, iPad® and Android Smart Phones and devices.

Access Asset information at your fingertips

JDLink™ helps you track your machine's, utilization and fuel usage on web or a mobile device.