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John Deere equipment videos, tractor videos, harvest videos available at Tennessee Tractor LLC, Serving your new and used equipment needs from Alamo, Brownsville, Dyersburg, Jackson, Martin, Paris, Ripley, Somerville, Trenton, and Union City, Tennessee.

  • Voices short | John Deere Gator Stories

    Get to know Gator owners. And get to know us too. John Deere Gator Stories

  • Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation Equipment for Farming - Valley Irrigation

    When it comes to getting the most out of every drop of water, Valley center pivot and linear irrigation machines are the ultimate solution. You can conserve water, maximize yields and crop revenues, and save resources, energy, and labor. With durable, efficient irrigation equipment, you can make the most of the land you farm. Copyright Valmont Industries, Inc.

  • Valley Irrigation Feeding and watering corn

    Feeding seed corn nitrogenn through irrigation.

  • Valley Irrigation on "The Green Room" with John Holden

    Copyright Valmont Industries, Inc. For more information on Valley Irrigation, visit

  • The new MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® TURF™ exclusively on John Deere ZTrak™ 900 Series Mowers

    The next “revolution” in commercial mowing has arrived. The MICHELIN X TWEEL TURF has all the qualities you would want in a pneumatic tire but it never needs air. Available exclusively on John Deere B, M, and R Series ZTrak™ Mowers.

  • John Deere 900 Series Round Balers: A Look Inside

    Take a look inside the new 900 Series Round Balers. Advanced engineering gives you high performance bale formation and ejection. For more information visit

  • Woods Equipment Batwing Rotary Cutters

    Woods Batwing® Rotary Cutters have higher torque capacities, deeper decks, and an innovative wing design that ensures you'll move more material in less time. Ideal for utility mowing, waterway upkeep, and roadside maintenance, the Woods Batwing® is the toughest rotary cutter on the market today! Check out our NEW 15-foot X-series models at Royalty free music licensed by

  • Woods Equipment RD990X Finish Mower

    Check out the New Woods RD990X Finish Mower in action!

  • How To Adjust Your STIHL Saw Chain

    Learn how to adjust your chain saw in this useful video from the STIHL How-To series. Learn the differences in adjusting a cold chain vs.a recently used chain. Also learn about the STIHL Quick Chain Adjustment feature found on certain STIHL chain saw models. For information on STIHL chain saws:

  • Alaskan Series is designed to keep items refrigerated all day long

    Arctic Ice™ Alaskan Series is specifically designed to keep your beverages and perishables refrigerated all day or longer. The active ingredient is derived from plants – not petroleum. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and considering its re-usability, exceptionally economical. Alaskan Series is designed at the molecular level to maintain its freezing point (33.8º F or 1º C) while absorbing surrounding heat until its fully thawed. Designed to last longer than ice and “blue” ice substitutes, Arctic Ice™ Alaskan series is one of the most innovative, durable and portable refrigerants available today!

  • Farm Forward

    How will technology change farming in the future? The only certainty is that technology will continue to change how we farm. John Deere offers one vision on how farmers might control their operations in the future. To learn more about John Deere's technology offerings, visit JD FarmSight.

  • How to Load COVER-EDGE™ Net Wrap

    John Deere COVER-EDGE™ Net Wrap. It's easy to load. Watch how simple the process is.

  • Ag Decision Support

    With John Deere FarmSight, you and your trusted partners — like your dealer and agronomist — can make timely decisions about your operation. Learn more at

  • Connect and Go: The 4R Series Hitch Assist

    Watch how simple it is to connect attachments and stay on the go with the easy-to-use, exclusive Hitch Assist feature available on the John Deere 4R Series.

  • John Deere 459 Standard: Economy meets productivity

    See why the John Deere 459 Standard may be the best value in 4x5 balers today. Learn more at

  • Precise and Efficient Planting Results

    You can do more when you add more to your John Deere planter. With John Deere attachments you can upgrade your planter to make the most of your equipment. Add speed, versatility, productivity and efficiency to your operation.

  • Introducing the Livestock Loyalty Program

    Overcoming adversity is part of the job. And loyalty isn’t a word you just use, especially when everything is on the line. You’ve had good times and stood strong in leaner years. We’ve always been right there with you. Introducing the Livestock Loyalty Program. Special savings is our way of saying thanks for investing in John Deere. Learn more at

  • Live from GIE 2014: John Deere GreenFleet Rewards

    From the 2014 GIE Show in Louisville, Steve Wilhelmi, John Deere commercial mowing tactical manager, talks about John Deere's exciting new loyalty rewards program, GreenFleet.

  • The Husband and Wife Team | John Deere Gator Stories

    Adam and Sarah Wilson know how to reduce risk and bring family together to get things done in Virginia in this John Deere Gator Story. Bet on love and hard work going a long way. John Deere Gator Stories.

  • The Father and Son | John Deere Gator Stories

    Meet Chum and Chad Howe of Ross Peak Ranch. This father son team have figured out over the last thirty years how to get things done right. John Deere Gator Stories.

  • John Deere guidance pays for itself in 2 years

    We'll help you find your way to bigger profits with AutoTrac™ guidance. Visit

  • American Grown From The Field

    Go behind the seams of your shirt with this south Texas cotton family.

  • The John Deere 6R : Up to the challenge

    See why the John Deere 6R will help you take command of your chores and work in comfort no matter what Mother Nature has in store. For more information, visit

  • The Breeding Manager | John Deere Gator Stories

    Get to know Douglas, Wyoming equine breeding manager Rita Hunsucker and assistant breeding manager, Sarah Johnson of the Wagonhound Land and Livestock Company.. See how care and quality come to life in this John Deere Gator Story. John Deere Gator Stories.

  • The Rancher | John Deere Gator Stories

    It’s all play with fifth generation Montanan Matt Pierson of the Highland Cattle Company and best friend, Mack Dettman. These two life long friends have each other’s back no matter what. Excellence follows. John Deere Gator Stories.

  • Voices | John Deere Gator Stories

    Get to know Gator owners. And get to know us too. John Deere Gator Stories.

  • Gator Voices

    Get to know Gator owners. And get to know us too.

  • The Dairy Farmer | John Deere Stories

    The Woodland Creek Dairy in Waunakee, Wisconsin is at the heart of this John Deere Gator Story. And see what gets father-in-law Bill Endres and Joe Ziegler up in the morning. John Deere Gator Stories.

  • Model Year 2016 New Features

    These are walk-around optimization videos that dealers and customers can view that give detailed information about product features.

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